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Anupran Trivedi asked a question
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Hosting your company's blog on Medium. Makes sense?

More and more companies are hosting their blogs on Medium these days. It's simple, fast and looks so much better than even the best of Wordpress themes.

However, many marketers see issues in this approach. What do you think?

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4 answers
Nikunj Verma Driving growth at CutShort
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This is a tricky one. :)

We *almost* migrated our blog to Medium from Wordpress around 10 months ago. But the thought of giving away all our content to a 3rd party and losing SEO benefits made us change our mind. Wordpress won for us in the end.


I think we made the right choice. With self-hosting, we control the entire UX of our users and are able to freely use the tools for lead generation, cross marketing and so on. And the biggest advantage - our users stay on our blog when they finish an article. On Medium, they are much more likely to move on to the content of our competitor. :)

I'd admit though. Medium keeps getting better. The design, writing experience, sharing experience and social features are hard to say no to.

So in the end - you guessed it right. We are also on Medium where we republish our content after a period of 2-3 weeks: https://medium.com/cutshort
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Arnav Mahajan Marketer
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Yes, hosting on Medium makes a lot of sense. I read a lot of answers here but I have a different opinion on how Medium can be used to our advantage. Whenever we want to rank a page on Google, it never gets ranked for any keyword with a single post. We need at least 2-3 more posts to rank the page by backlinking these to the post that we want to rank. If these 2-3 supporting pages/blogs are written on a 3rd party site with high DAs and more viewership like Medium, Inbound etc., the main page that you are trying to rank, gets ranked easily as compared to writing blogs on your own website (assuming your website DA is lesser than that of Medium and Inbound). Hence, it makes total sense for me to write a webpage on your own domain, link it with 2-3 good traffic gaining blogs on Medium or Inbound and get the webpage ranked for the high KD keywords easily. That is how we ranked Freshsales for "What is CRM" in the US. CRM category is one of the most competitive categories for SEO rankings and yet we pipped Salesforce and other heavyweights with a 2 year old domain. 
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