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we are creating the infrastructure for Crypto

Agency job
via wrackle by Naveen Taalanki
Bengaluru (Bangalore)
2 - 6 yrs
₹15L - ₹30L / yr
Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
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💥 What will you do?

As a Backend Engineer, you will

  • Create and maintain server-side code
  • Designing database schemas to support business requirements
  • Building reusable code and libraries for future use
  • Troubleshoot and debug applications
  • Write unit tests
  • Stay up to date with current best practices
  • Collaborate with front end engineers
  • Optimization of the application for maximum speed and scalability
  • Work with stakeholders including the Executive, Product, Data, and Design teams to assist with web-application-related technical issues and support their requirements.

🙋 What are we looking for? 

While we do not have a strict list of requirements for candidates interested in this role, some indicators that you would fit this role and our engineering culture are 

  • 2+ years of relevant work experience as a Backend engineer using Python frameworks like Django, Flask, etc
  • Experience with relational databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Good understanding of OOP concepts
  • Understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git
  • Basic understanding of front-end technologies and platforms, such as JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3.
  • Experience writing unit tests for the application is a plus
  • Experience with building REST APIs
  • Superior analytical, conceptual, and problem-solving skills.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills in English.
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Posted by Vahak Talent
Bengaluru (Bangalore)
3 - 10 yrs
₹15L - ₹40L / yr
Go Programming (Golang)

Who Are We?

Vahak (https://www.vahak.in) is India’s largest & most trusted online transport marketplace & directory for road transport businesses and individual commercial vehicle (Trucks, Trailers, Containers, Hyva, LCVs) owners for online truck and load booking, transport business branding and transport business network expansion. Lorry owners can find intercity and intracity loads from all over India and connect with other businesses to find trusted transporters and best deals in the Indian logistics services market. With the Vahak app, users can book loads and lorries from a live transport marketplace with over 5 Lakh + Transporters and Lorry owners in over 10,000+ locations for daily transport requirements.


Vahak has raised a capital of $5 Million in a “Pre Series A” round from RTP Global along with participation from Luxor Capital and Leo Capital. The other marquee angel investors include Kunal Shah, Founder and CEO, CRED; Jitendra Gupta, Founder and CEO, Jupiter; Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal, Co-founders, Meesho; Mohd Farid, Co-founder, Sharechat; Amrish Rau, CEO, Pine Labs; Harsimarbir Singh, Co-founder, Pristyn Care; Rohit and Kunal Bahl, Co-founders, Snapdeal; and Ravish Naresh, Co-founder and CEO, Khatabook.



Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Translate requirements and implement product features to perfection using open source technology stack
  • Deliver best-in-class code across a broad array of interactive web and mobile products
  • Work on continuous improvement of the products through innovation and learning. Someone with a knack for benchmarking and optimization
  • Experience in developing features for highly complex, distributed transaction processing systems.
  • Write documentation and automated tests for code to be written. Implement functionality for automated tests that will successfully pass and meet coding standards. Debug production issues and create subsequent mitigation plans. Optimize performance of existing implementations.
  • Stay abreast with new innovations and the latest technology trends and explore ways of leveraging these for improving the product in alignment with the business.
  • As a component owner, where the component impacts across multiple platforms (5-10 member team), work with customers to obtain their requirements, and deliver the end to end project.

Required Experience, Skills and Qualifications:

  • 3+ years of experience as a Backend developer. Experience with Golang / Python / C++ is mandatory
  • Deep understanding of multiple design patterns, best practices
  • Capability to debug moderately complex problems and analyze logs in production systems and to read existing code.
  • Deep understanding of various data storage options, such as Relational, NoSQL
  • Solid understanding and experience with object-oriented programming and associated design patterns. Proficiency working with object-oriented design, data structures, and complexity analysis
  • Strong leadership skills with capability to lead a team of engineers
  • Experience working in a CI/CD environment with Jenkins/CircleCI
  • Understanding and experience in Docker, Kubernets, and AWS cloud services
  • Strong experience in building Microservices
  • Experience with Agile Development (SCRUM methodology, JIRA).
  • Good understanding of code versioning tools such as Git, Bitbucket, Mercurial, SVN, etc. and familiarity with continuous integration
  • Good knowledge of streaming and messaging platforms like KAFKA and RabbitMQ.
  • Prior experience working on high visibility, high traffic web application will be an advantage.
  • Knowledge of WebSocket, REDIS, Memcached and Cloud Messaging Frameworks (PUSH Notifications)
  • Hands on experience in Elasticsearch ELK stack- Elasticsearch, Kibana and Logstash, REST API integration.

Selection Process:
  1. Technical Assessments By Barraiser 
  2. CTO's Interview
  3. Final Interview With The CEO
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Posted by Arpita Patil
Chennai, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
3 - 7 yrs
₹3L - ₹12L / yr
We are looking for PHP Laravel developer

Job Location - Chennai / Bangalore

Work from home for next few months

Notice Period - Immedaite / 15 /30 days
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Posted by Ambika Jituri
Bengaluru (Bangalore)
5 - 9 yrs
₹10L - ₹18L / yr
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Job Description

JD - Python Developer 


  • Design and implement software features based on requirements
  • Architect new features for products or tools
  • Articulate and document designs as needed
  • Prepare and present technical training
  • Provide estimates and status for development tasks
  • Work effectively in a highly collaborative and iterative development process
  • Work effectively with the Product, QA, and DevOps team.
  • Troubleshoot issues and correct defects when required
  • Build unit and integration tests that assure correct behavior and increase the maintainability of the code base
  • Apply dev-ops and automation as needed
  • Commit to continuous learning and enhancement of skills and product knowledge


Required Qualifications

  • Minimum of 5 years of relevant experience in development and design
  • Proficiency in Python and extensive knowledge of the associated libraries Extensive experience with Python data science libraries: TensorFlow, NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, etc.
  • Strong skills in producing visuals with algorithm results
  • Strong SQL and working knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server and other data storage technologies
  • Strong web development skills Advance knowledge with ORM and data access patterns
  • Experienced working using Scrum and Agile methodologies
  • Excellent debugging and troubleshooting skills
  • Deep knowledge of DevOps practices and cloud services
  • Strong collaboration and verbal and written communication skills
  • Self-starter, detail-oriented, organized, and thorough
  • Strong interpersonal skills and a team-oriented mindset
  • Fast learner and creative capacity for developing innovative solutions to complex problems


PYTHON, SQL, TensorFlow, NumPy, SciPy, Pandas

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Posted by Kiran Basavaraj Nirakari
Bengaluru (Bangalore)
2 - 7 yrs
₹15L - ₹30L / yr
Spring Boot
Hibernate (Java)
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About Embibe
At Embibe, we have just one mission - to truly personalize education. Because every child deserves it. This has led us to embark on this noblest of journeys to deliver life and learning outcomes for every student! Rooted in consumer behavior, we are leveraging AI and Data Science to deliver personalized achievement journeys for every student.
We are a tribe of intellectually fierce people from diverse backgrounds, focused on building cutting-edge products that empower everyone in the education ecosystem - students, teachers, educational institutes and parents. We enable a deeper understanding of student behavior, their strengths and weaknesses through analysis at a granular level. It is this shared vision of democratizing and personalizing education that unites us all.
Embibe is powered by AI and data science algorithms, using these contents being recommended across platforms and millions of learning outcomes delivered to students. Since its inception, millions of students have used the imbibe platform for learning concepts and outcomes. Academic users have spent 52mins on average with an average of 3 sessions daily. Embibe has been launched for 12 languages across India with support for 361 Exams (English), and 120 Exams (Hindi) for K6-K12 having 22.6L+ Qs and 58k+ Tests, 29k videos, 50k+ 3D assets. Embibe is the world's largest live online public sector implementation in edtech for test preparation, NTA app which is powered by Embibe has 3.1Mn+ downloads, and 14.3Mn hours spent by users with total 13.4Mn sessions and 1.64Bn attempts.SchoolApp is currently being used by 1000s of schools across India and we are planning to scale it to 100Mn students with 1Mn schools with 10Mn teachers in the period of the next 3yrs.
We are looking for a Software Engineer across levels who have ever contributed to any large-scale systems be it content platform e.g. Quora/Medium, streaming platform e.g. Netflix or Hotstar, activity log system e.g. Twitter feeds or payment systems like Razorpay to name a few. I/O, Read-Writes, DB connections, Distributed Locking, Memory, Bandwidth, High Throughput, Low Latency and minimal CPU cycles excite you!! You are deep thinkers and can bring ideas to the table, before starting writing the code!!
Interested? We'd love to hear from you.
Who are you?
● 2-14yrs years of relevant large-scale product company experience ideally in a fast-moving B2C/B2B environment.
● Programming. Proficiency in object-oriented and multi-threaded programming in at least one of the following languages: Java, Python,React.js, Node.js, Next.js, PHP, Golang etc.
● Deep understanding & experience of high-performance web-scale & real-time response systems, and large scale distributed systems.
● CS Fundamentals – exposure to a wide variety of problem spaces, Good in Data Structures and Algorithms Design, Problem Solving.
● Open source contributors and can do quick POC of technologies will catch our eyes.
● Expertise in designing, implementing and operating distributed Systems architectures and concepts, especially on public cloud infrastructure (AWS/Azure)
● Demonstrated expertise in applying systems patterns (e.g., Client-server, N-tier, Master/Slave, MVC) and API constructions (e.g., Swagger, OpenAPI).
● Experience in a high-availability 24/7 environment (cloud platforms are a plus). Expertise should include several of the following:
○ High-performance,up-time (99.999%) and self-recoverable systems.
○ Control, orchestration and automation platforms leveraging containers or VMs. ○ RPC frameworks (e.g., Protobuf/gRPC, Thrift, Bond)
● Experience with one or more Data Stores like (MySql, Postgres ) and NoSQL DataStores ( Mongo, Cassandra, Scylladb, Hbase, Redis, Aerospike etc.).
● Experience with Agile software development, TDD, and Continuous Integration. ● Experience in building Web/RESTFul/GraphQL services.
● Sound knowledge of *Nix, ORM(Hibernate, JPA), Spring ecosystem, Messaging platforms like Kafka/RMQ, build framework like Maven/Gradle etc.
● Very strong system design and object-oriented skills with a nifty ability to craft clean interfaces and operate at the right levels of abstraction.
● Solid coding skills with the ability to drive teams through massive refactoring exercises & improve coding standards across large code bases.
● Deep knowledge, understanding & experience of working with a large variety of multi-tier architectures. Awareness of pitfalls & use cases for a large variety of solutions. ● Exposure to complete product development cycles – from inception to production to scaling up, supporting new requirements, and re-architectures.
● Having experience building web infrastructure in cloud environments (such as AWS or Azure/GCP) is a plus. You understand and are always excited about learning new e.g.docker, Kubernetes.
● Education. M.Tech/M.Eng in Computer Science/Engineering or B.Tech/B.E in the same disciplines with equivalent years of experience would be a plus.
We'd particularly love it if:
● You’re a steward for engineering quality, reliability, scalability, availability, maintainability, flexibility habits and mindset in the organization under your purview, You know SOLID,12 factor App and Design Principles which you can apply or help the team in applying as needed. You can assure that our architectures are consistent with industry best practices. ● Version control tools like Git, SVN etc are good to have.
● Gather, understand, and prioritize requirements, research potential solutions, rapidly build prototypes, and distill and communicate what was learned, expected risks, resources & security concerns.
● Mentoring more junior engineers to instill engineering best practices and driving high standards in documentation, code reviews, design reviews, architecture discussions and strategy roadmap development.
● Actively participate in development along with team members - creating modules & systems that can then be treated as a working reflection of the best practices.
● Set the vision of the domain architecture and technology stack for technology in your organization, You understand LLD and HLD.
● Be an evangelist for technology - drive a culture of curiosity and active debate around technology in your organization.
● Experiment with new & relevant technologies and tools, and drive adoption while measuring yourself on the impact you are able to create.
Note: We just use degrees to measure the Temperature!!
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Posted by Manind Gupta
Jaipur, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
2 - 8 yrs
₹4L - ₹15L / yr

Job description

Job Overview:

The position requires an experienced and ambitious candidate who is passionate about technology and is self-driven. We have a challenging workplace where we welcome innovative ideas and offers growth opportunities and positive environment for accomplishing goals. Our purpose is to create abundance for everyone we touch.

Job Description:

  • Experience on Open Source Platforms in designing/ developing Web-based applications.
  • Require Strong knowledge in Python with application/package/module development, tuning, and debugging tools.
  • Proficient understanding of Python Identifiers, Reserved Words, Basic Operators, Variable Types, and User defined exception handling with their usage.
  • In-depth knowledge of Python Dictionary and default modules included in Python (String, DateTime, Numbers, and other required functions usage).
  • Proficient understanding of Sequences and its differences (Tuples/Lists).
  • File manipulation-using Python (Create, Edit, and Delete view file).
  • Ability to organize code logically and with the understandable procedure that is well defined, documented, and testable.

Skills Required:

  • Strong understanding of OOPS and Design Patterns (Code design skills in Python-based object-oriented programming and functional programming).
  • Developing Web Applications with Python - Hands on experience using MVC frameworks like Django.
  • Exposure to Code Versioning Systems such as Atlassian Bitbucket.
  • In-depth Knowledge in JavaScript and jQuery.
  • The candidate must display excellent written and verbal skills with demonstrated interpersonal and organizational abilities.
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Posted by Kiranmai Banisetty
Bengaluru (Bangalore)
3 - 6 yrs
₹15L - ₹19L / yr
Data Structures
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Your Opportunity

  • Own and drive business features into tech requirements
  • Design & develop large scale real time server side systems
  • Quickly create quality prototypes
  • Staying updated on emerging technologies
  • Ensuring that all deliverables adhere to our world class standards
  • Promote coding best practices
  • Mentor and develop junior developers in the team

Required Experience

  • 4+ years of relevant experience as described below
  • Excellent grasp of Core Java, Multi Threading and OO design patterns 
  • Experience with Scala, functional, reactive programming and Akka/Play is a plus
  • Excellent understanding of data structures and algorithms
  • Solid grasp of large scale distributed real time systems
  • Prior experience on building a scalable and resilient micro service
  • Solid understanding of relational databases, NoSQL databases and Caching systems
  • Good understanding of Big Data technologies such as Spark, Hadoop is a plus
  • Experience on one of AWS, Azure or GCP 

Who you are

  • You have excellent and effective communication and collaborative skills
  • You love problem solving
  • You stay up to date with the latest technologies and then apply them in real life
  • You love paying attention to detail
  • You thrive in meeting tight deadlines and prioritising workloads
  • Ability to collaborate across multiple functions


Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or equivalent experience within the field

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Remote, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
4 - 8 yrs
₹24L - ₹40L / yr
Go Programming (Golang)
+2 more

Objective of the Role:
We are here to build a world-class tech organization with elite engineers and change-agents who would spearhead this change. Currently, we are looking for engineers who are skilled, passionate, driven and a wee bit crazy (yes, crazy works!) to join our tribe. The current position is for the supply chain teams and our primary focus is on scale and cost optimization. The small tweaks you make, the processes you alter, experiments you run and the business decisions you drive will have reverberating effects on our ability to add value to our customers and keep them coming back for more.

Role & Responsibilities

  • Design and build the system which enables the logistics team to store and deliver 15 million products per month to customers across 20 cities in India
  • Work on the vision, roadmap, and processes that make customer delivery experience more delightful
  • Work across teams to design a platform that scales and is flexible enough for various kinds of future scenarios
  • Work on optimizing the whole logistics supply chain from warehouse to customer
  • Innovate to improve the efficiency of the existing supply chain systems
    Desired skills & abilities:
  • 3-6 years of experience in software development
  • B.Tech. / B.E. degree in Computer Science or equivalent software engineering degree/experience
  • Experience in architecture and system design 2Experience in running high performance distributed systems
  • Understanding and implementation of security and data
  • Highly experienced in back-end programming languages like Python, Java, JavaScript
  • Experience with cloud message APIs and usage of push
  • Knowledge of code versioning tools such as Git, Mercurial or SVN
  • Solid experience in software development practices
  • Ability to mentor and manage teams
  • Exposure to Agile/Scrum and Design thinking approaches

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Agency job
via The Scalers by Shakuntala P
Bengaluru (Bangalore)
5 - 13 yrs
₹10L - ₹18L / yr
Technical Architecture
MVC Framework
+3 more
ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES - - Understand requirements and use them to create comprehensive well- designed specifications - Lead the technical team by ensuring timely deliveries and respecting Sprints using SCRUM methodology - Lead design and development of our core web application using service- oriented architecture exposing APIs for internal and external clients. - Implement architecture and design patterns to help ensure that systems scale. - Establish processes and best practices around development standards. - Review product requirements in order to give development estimates and product feedback. - Apply technical expertise to challenging architecture and design problems. SKILLS / COMPETENCIES - - Extensive experience in developing enterprise-grade applications on C#/.NET, HTML, CSS, JS. - Master building service-oriented architecture, web services, and APIs - Product delivery and product management experience compulsory. - Experience with PostgreSQL and database design. - Successful experience managing a development team on complex projects - Experience with software design patterns: MVC, MVVM - Strong knowledge of Web Standards, OWASP security principles, and data encryption/security - The proponent of continuous integration, unit testing, and automation - Knowledge of PostgreSQL, Net Core and Angular2 will be considered as an added advantage. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS FOR THE ROLE - - 5+ years experience in software development - Excellent English communication skills, both written and spoken. - Understanding Business Logic and having Product Delivery experience is an advantage. - Experience with enterprise-scale systems a major plus. - Mandatory experience working in an Agile environment (SCRUM certification preferred)
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Amritsar, NCR (Delhi | Gurgaon | Noida), Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
2 - 7 yrs
₹5L - ₹23L / yr
Are you a solid software developer who wants to work on a global application built for millions of global users? If yes, and you are good at it, an extremely high quality work + great work life balance awaits you. StatusBrew is one of the few companies in India that have built a massively successful product at the global level. Ranked under 5000 by Alexa for web traffic, we have a product that has: 1. 1 mn monthly active users, 200K daily active, 2000 users concurrent at any point of time 2. 1 TB data generated in 1 week, 1 Billion database rows in just 1 day 3. $20,000 spent on AWS every month after many optimizations But we believe we have only started now. We plan to scale our business further to 100mn users and would love to hear if you'd like us to join our journey. We have an extremely cozy office in Amritsar. We have a tight knit team that enjoys working and having fun together. So are you game for this challenge?
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Posted by Armugam X
Bengaluru (Bangalore)
3 - 7 yrs
₹5L - ₹10L / yr
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Navya Network, Inc. was founded in 2010 in Cambridge, MA, USA. Its technology development and operations center is located in the heart of Bangalore city in India. The company is partnered with Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai, India to provide online expert opinions to cancer patient worldwide. This service is backed by Tata Trusts. Navya’s patented predictive analytics based expert system was validated by Tata Memorial Centre and UCLA-Olive View Medical System (in Los Angeles, USA). In clinical trials pertaining to breast cancer treatments, precision decisions from the Navya Expert System were 98% concordant with treatment decisions of multi-disciplinary tumor board oncologists at two of the world’s largest tertiary care cancer centers. Results of Navya’s clinical trials validating the Navya Expert System have been published at globally reputable cancer conferences such as American Society of Clinical Oncology and San Antonio Breast Cancer Conference. The Navya Expert System is used to provide online evidence-based expert opinions to cancer patients in over 42 countries. Since 2014, Navya has successfully used the Navya Expert System as an online service to empower thousands of cancer patients. Experts from Tata Memorial Centre and the National Cancer Grid (initiative to standardize cancer care over 60 cancer centers), use the Navya Expert System to provide online expert opinions to patients worldwide. Now, the Navya Expert System is in demand by oncologists for medical decision making at the point of care. Navya is looking to grow its team of Bangalore-based software architects and developers to release the Navya Expert System as a product used by oncologists in clinic. Navya uses its patented computational models and machine learning, to predict expert-grade treatment decisions in oncology. Navya’s founders are graduates of Harvard University, Stanford School of Medicine, UCLA School of Medicine, and MIT Sloan School of Management. They have years of clinical and high-tech experience, and have successfully lead Navya to be the only choice for oncologists and cancer patients for online evidence-based expert treatment decision making. Navya’s reputation as a validated precision decision system for oncologists, and commitment toward service recognized by cancer patient worldwide, enables Navya to improve global outcomes in cancer.
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