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Apoorva Indla
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Backend Developer

Founded 2015
6-50 employees
NOSQL Databases
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2 - 6 years

Why Us At Turvo we always like to push the boundaries of technologies and work on solving problems that have not been solved. We are agile startup-minded engineers and our culture emphasizes on the policy of learn and teach as we care about building an environment where there is a constant flow of knowledge without the classroom learning techniques. As an early-stage employee, you will be uniquely positioned to learn a lot while solving complex problems and writing software both impactful to our customers and critical to our company’s success. Our team sizes are small to encourage impactful contributions from each engineer and to promote meaningful collaboration. We offer competitive salaries and a range of benefits. Moreover, we will give you the chance to work with other awesome engineers and product designers. The primary role entails: Designing, coding, testing and debugging applications in a distributed environment. Interact with designers, architects and other coders to analyze the requirement and possible solution options. Documenting component and program decisions of components owned using collaborative tools like Wiki. Testing the product in controlled (DEV and QA) environments before taking it to production environment. Investigate product issues and bottlenecks and providing reliable solutions. Reviewing current system and presenting ideas for improvement.

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Job poster profile picture - Apoorva Indla
Apoorva Indla
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Job poster profile picture - Apoorva Indla
Apoorva Indla
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