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Dilip Sharma
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Frontend Developer

Founded 2015
6-50 employees
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Bengaluru (Bangalore)
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1 - 3 years

About Us: www.uplabh.com Sunapha Technologies is a Bangalore based technology start-up that offers solutions, under the Name - Uplabh, for Businesses that trade in branded & packaged consumer products. Its innovative SaaS solutions, developed using latest and proven cloud, web and mobile technologies, aim to disrupt the current B2B Last Mile Supply Chain practices, especially those involving Stocking, Distribution, and Retailing. Along with the values that we stand for, Uplabh promotes a very healthy and new age Work Culture. For things to Click, so to say - One has to have belief in the cause they are involved in, find happiness in work job they do, and enjoy collaborating with other members of the Team. We do not believe in hierarchy or set rules of business and all are encouraged to behave like owners. Every Team Member is thought of as a mature Individual who are self disciplined and responsible for their actions or inactions. We like people who are courageous, inquisitive, smart, receptive, frank, positive minded and have great desire for learning. Requirement: - Experienced in developing the Front-end of Web Apps using AngularJS and Bootstrap HTML following best coding practices. - Sufficient design knowledge for building scalable, robust and secure web apps while having previously worked with integrating the backend system through RESTful APIs. - Comfortable in using Git / Bitbucket version control. Prior experience / knowledge of working with backend developed using Python & Django framework will be a highly valued asset. - Self motivated, positive Individual, who is eager to take up challenges like finding a technical solution for a business problem, and with good communication skills. Responsibilities: Will be part of product development team and responsible for building several core functionalities in some cases from the ground up. These are complex applications where high number of transactions are expected. Skill(s) required: AngularJS, Twitter Bootsrap, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, and Git / BitBucket. Please Note: This is a Full-Time Employment opportunity for Professionals possessing required skillsets and work experience with a relevant Graduate / Undergraduate Degree from a UGC recognized College & University. The work location currently happens to be in the Koramangala area of Bengaluru, and it may or may not be so throughout the duration of the internship. The Chosen Candidate must agree to make arrangements for their travel and food themselves at all times and will also have to carry to work their own laptop of appropriate specification / configuration to perform the tasks assigned to them on a daily basis. The Chosen Candidate would have to sign a Non - Disclosure Agreement and an Employment Agreement soon after receiving the confirmation of their selection.

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Job poster profile picture - Dilip Sharma
Dilip Sharma
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Job poster profile picture - Dilip Sharma
Dilip Sharma
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