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Jaikishan Jalan
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Software Engineer (Javascript, Full Stack)

Founded 2016
Products and services
1-5 employees
NodeJS (Node.js)
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NCR (Delhi | Gurgaon | Noida)
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1 - 5 years

We are looking for a software engineer to help with frontend as well backend work for consulting projects we do for our clients. The person should be passionate about technology and possess the ability of determining and designing system specifications as well as standards for the solutions. The person should be comfortable with javascript and related full stack development (such as Mongo, Express, Node). You will be directly working with the founding team on this project (Serial Entrepreneurs, ex-IIT, ex-Microsoft, ex-Google). Job Responsibilities : 1. Collaborate with designers to create innovative user experiences. Develop prototypes quickly to validate interactions and prove product designs. 2. Design and implement new user-facing features. 3. Optimize applications to maximize speed and scale, factoring in mobile network latency and bandwidth constraints. 4. Write client-side code to create fast, easy-to-use, high volume production applications. 5. Build the core libraries and frameworks used across applications. About you : 1. B.S., M.S. or PhD in Computer Science or related degree. 2. Strong development skills in javascript and related full stack development & good general programming and algorithm skills. 3. Excellent analytical skills and a strong sense of urgency and ownership in your work. 4. Ability to work independently and as part of a team. 5. You are empathetic and collaborative with teammates. 6. You are comfortable with working at a fast pace and in an open environment. What you'll gain: 1. Experience and skills required for creating and running a startup from ground up. 2. The ability to exercise creativity and leadership in your work. 3. The chance to build products for a prominent, relevant, and real-life problem. 4. A team of highly selective, ambitious, and innovative co-workers. 5. Competitive salary.

Job posted by
Job poster profile picture - Jaikishan Jalan
Jaikishan Jalan
Job posted by
Job poster profile picture - Jaikishan Jalan
Jaikishan Jalan
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