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51-250 employeesN/A


Raised fundingN/A
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Pooja Nair
Hiring at Sportskeeda
Baradwaaj Ramanujam
Product Manager/Technical Program Manager
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Fullstack Developer

Founded 2010
51-250 employees
Raised funding
Relational Database (RDBMS)
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Bengaluru (Bangalore)
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1 - 7 years

Job description How you can impact : You will build new features that help millions of people experience Sports content in a better way. Your work on bridging our backend micro services with our frontend architecture will help us create a modern, lean, well-built web application that grows and improves every day. Together with our product and design teams, you will turn product ideas and concepts into reality. Overcome the challenges associated competing priorities: beautiful aesthetic, UX, page performance and SEO Requirement: -At least 2 years of experience in a fullstack or similar position. Exp in Linux , Python, Node -You are at home with *nix. -You feel confident in your skills with backend technologies, Strong CS Fundamentals , Strong fundamentals: OOP and application architecture You have experience with RDBMs -Familiarity with system administration, database design, machine learning -Front-end development with HTML, CSS, JS, AngularJS, ReactJS, Bootstrap and whatever the product demand requires. -Experience building APIs for web and mobile -Experience with scaling for exponential user growth. Experience in AWS. Why you’ll love us - We’re fanatical about finding the right tool for each job. We pick technologies because they make sense, and we’re not afraid to try something new when we feel that it could be useful, even if we’ve never used it before. - We contribute to Open Source, and encourage hobby projects. - Our team works on problems, not tasks. We like to help other teams turn their needs into great technology, and we give each engineer the freedom to tackle the challenges that they find most interesting. - Your features get used by millions of people. The feedback loop is short. You can tell, quantitatively, if your favorite feature is well received. Working at this scale is a nerd-dream-come-true.

Job posted by
Job poster profile picture - Pooja Nair
Pooja Nair
Job posted by
Job poster profile picture - Pooja Nair
Pooja Nair
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