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Mohammed Adil
Would you like to work on Greenfield projects in distributed systems space? Ping me to know more about it.
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Java Developer

Founded 1969
250+ employees
micro services
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Cloud Computing
Internet of Things (IOT)
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3 - 12 years

Business Unit - Apama is a Streaming Analytics platform which provides complex event processing and intelligent automated action on fast-moving big data. With IoT as a major part of strategy going forward, we are looking at building from scratch web/cloud platform for enabling IoT and other similar use cases on our streaming analytics platform. We are looking for people who have experience in building web/cloud platform from conceptualization to architecture and development. Responsibilities: Software Development Software Design and Architecting Recommendation of technologies Contribute creatively with innovative ideas for products and features Contribute in driving Web/IoT thinking and platform development Knowledge and understanding of Cloud and Web concepts and principles and how to enable that for systems. Knowledge in Developing Highly perform-ant systems. Knowledge of Technologies related to IoT

Job posted by
Job poster profile picture - Mohammed Adil
Mohammed Adil
Job posted by
Job poster profile picture - Mohammed Adil
Mohammed Adil
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