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Salus Technologies PvtLtd Careers
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Jobs at Salus Technologies PvtLtd

Xamarin Developer

Founded 2000
Products and services{{j_company_types[3 - 1]}}
{{j_company_sizes[2 - 1]}} employees
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1 - 2 years
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Best in industry{{renderSalaryString({min: 175000, max: 275000, duration: "undefined", currency: "INR", equity: false})}}

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Mrunal Gaikwad picture
Mrunal Gaikwad
Job posted by
Mrunal Gaikwad picture
Mrunal Gaikwad
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People hiring at Salus Technologies PvtLtd

Mrunal Gaikwad
Hiring at Salus Technologies PvtLtd

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