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Jobs at Outsourced Global

CakePHP and CodeIgnighterFullstack Developer - WORK FROM HOME

Founded 2015
Products and services{{j_company_types[3 - 1]}}
20-100 employees
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Location icon
Remote, Mumbai, Bengaluru (Bangalore), NCR (Delhi | Gurgaon | Noida), Chennai, Pune, Nagpur
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3 - 7 years
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Best in industry{{renderSalaryString({min: 600000, max: 800000, duration: "undefined", currency: "INR", equity: false})}}

WORK FROM HOME We are looking for a Web Developers to join our dynamic and innovative team, building exciting web and mobile apps in a rapidly growing innovative company. If you are looking to build innovative web applications and mobile apps using the latest technologies with a passionate team then this role is perfect for you. About You We are looking for someone who is passionate about building applications using cutting edge technologies. You will have a deep understanding and JavaScript, Node.js, Reactjs and a solid grasp of software design patters and why they’re important. Required skills: • Degree in IT or computer science (or significant demonstrated experience) • Solid JavaScript, Node.js, Reactjs experience • Good knowledge of JavaScript frameworks such AngularJS and React • Knowledge of Jira, Bitbucket and using Git • Web Fundamentals (HTML5, JavaScript, CSS) • Good understanding of both front and back end development • Demonstrated knowledge of application security and security best practices MUST HAVE Good English Proficiency Preferred skills: • Database concepts and design (table normalization, indexing, performance turning) • Cake PHP, CodeIgniter or other PHP frameworks • AWS technologies such as Amazon API Gateway

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Pamela Victoria picture
Pamela Victoria
Job posted by
Pamela Victoria picture
Pamela Victoria
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People hiring at Outsourced Global

Pamela Victoria
Research Associate

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