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Optiphoenix Careers
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6-50 employeesN/A

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Jobs at Optiphoenix

Conversion rate optimization Specialist
Conversion rate optimization Specialist

Founded 2016
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NCR (Delhi | Gurgaon | Noida)
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1 - 8 years
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Best in industry4 - 9 lacs/annum

Job Summary As a CRO specialist you will use a mix of creativity and strong analytical skills to understand website behavior, identify opportunities to drive an increase in conversion, revenue and user experience, then develop and execute a strategy to turn those ideas into an optimization and testing plan. This is a customer-facing role requiring outstanding relationship management skills. The ideal candidate would be extremely data-driven and makes design tweaks based on user behavior to improve conversions. An experience in creating UI/UX wireframes would be a plus Responsibilities and Duties Use qualitative (heatmaps, sessions recordings, surveys, etc) and quantitative(Google Analytics or similar) sources of data to analyze website traffic to understand user behavior and provide data-driven recommendations to increase engagement and conversion rate. Establish web analytics framework to monitor the health of the key performance indicators and key conversion points in the web journey and marketing funnel. Understand and implement ways to monitor conversion funnel congestions, design and usability factors of highly converting web pages. To understand the "WHY" behind the data and deliver actionable insights to further improve UX and conversion rate optimization to increase lead generation and online sales. Define and maintain overall optimization program (site and e commerce experience, landing pages, forms and calls-to-actions) Use an iterative approach to optimization (hypothesize, design, test, measure, optimize), deriving actionable insights from the results, formulating new experiment ideas and hypotheses, while implementing winning results. Develop or support the team in developing hypotheses, testing roadmaps and reports for optimization projects (A/B, Multivariate, Targeting, Personalization). Coordinate with developers, analysts, and researchers to drive projects forward. Required Experience, Skills and Qualifications Prior experience of 1+ years of optimizing user experience/digital marketing campaigns/email campaigns/or anything that directly impacts revenue generated by the website. Prior experience in a customer facing role or equivalent history of increasing customer satisfaction with excellent presentation skills Conversant and able to use marketing platforms and tools that can measure and drive marketing programs and conversions; examples include Google Analytics, VWO, Adobe Target, Click-tale, Adobe Analytics, Tag management solutions, Tag audit solution, Optimizely, Google Optimize, and/ or similar tools. Understanding best practices for UI and UX for websites Understand of how E-commerce website work(what is ROI, AOV, Conversion Rate etc.) Experience with research tools including HotJar, CrazyEgg, LuckyOrange/ heatMaps/ poll/ survey Zarget or other similar tools will be a plus Experience with multichannel media campaigns including a working knowledge of paid search, testing ad text and landing pages Optimization, SEO will be a plus Prior experience working in diverse client portfolio Benefits 5 Day working Flexible work from home policy ‘No Leaves’ Policy: we trust people in getting work done Company sponsored team outing and parties Company sponsored lunch No dress code Salaries at par and above the industry standards Great Learning and growth opportunities Opportunities to travel onsite (Australia US,UK, South Africa) to meet and work with clients personally Diverse and exciting client portfolio of internationally renowned brands

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Rizak Sethi picture
Rizak Sethi
Job posted by
Rizak Sethi picture
Rizak Sethi
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People hiring at Optiphoenix

Rizak Sethi
Hiring at Optiphoenix
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