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{{"<p>Rewrite Rules, Retain Values &ndash; this simple idea has been at the core of our business since the inception of Future Group. Today, a wide portfolio of brands in food, FMCG and fashion, complement the country&rsquo;s pioneering modern retail networks.</p> <p><br />Future Group&rsquo;s food value chain operates with its nation-wide network, reaching the smallest towns and cities with its sourcing and manufacturing units, and integrated distribution systems. Tasty Treat, Golden Harvest, Karmiq, Kara, Sunkist, ThinkSkin, Mother Earth, Kosh, Nilgiris are among the leading brands from the Future Group.</p> <p><br />In fashion, our manufacturing facilities produce garments designed and sourced by a talented team of trend-spotters, designers and merchandizers. Brands like Lee Cooper, John Miller, CoverStory, Indigo Nation, Scullers, Knighthood, DJ&amp;C, Bare, UMM, and Ancestry are some of our key brands.</p> <p><br />The flagship retail brand Big Bazaar is ranked among the most valuable Indian brands (Interbrand), and among the most trusted brands (Nielsen). Leading department store network, Central, smart prices retailer, Brand Factory, and popular fashion destination FBB are also a part of the group, along with a growing chain of small neighbourhood stores, EasyDay and Heritage Fresh, and convenience stores WH Smith and 7-Eleven.<br /><br /></p> Tathastu, the next generation innovation labs is Future Group&rsquo;s initiative to provide a new-age retail experience - combining the physical with digital and enhancing it with data. We are creating next generation consumer interactions by combining AI/ML, Data Science and emerging technologies with consumer platforms. <br />The E-Commerce vertical under Tathastu has developed online consumer platforms for Future Group&rsquo;s portfolio of retail brands -Easy day, Big Bazaar, Central, Brand factory, aLL, Clarks, Coverstory. Backed by our network of offline stores we have built a new retail platform that merges our Online &amp; Offline retail streams. We use data to power all our decisions across our products and build internal tools to help us scale our impact with a small closely knit team. Our wide spread store network, robust logistics and technology capabilities have made it possible to launch a &lsquo;2-Hour Delivery Promise&rsquo; on every product across fashion, food, FMCG and home products for orders placed online through Big Bazaar mobile app and portal." | htmlToPlaintext}}
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{{"<p>NoBroker is a new and disruptive force in the Real Estate Industry. We&rsquo;re a site that&rsquo;s built to let you buy, sell, rent, find a PG or a flatmate WITHOUT paying any brokerage.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Our mission is to lead India&rsquo;s real estate industry, towards an era of doing real estate transactions in a convenient and brokerage-free manner. We currently save our customers over 250 crores per year in brokerage. NoBroker was founded by alumni from IIT Bombay, IIT Kanpur &amp; IIM Ahmedabad in March 2014 and have since served over 35 lakh customers. As a VC funded company, we&rsquo;ve raised over 20M+ in a couple of rounds of funding. We&rsquo;re a team of 350 people driven by passion, the passion to help you fulfil your housing requirement, without paying a hefty brokerage.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>NoBroker has worked tirelessly to remove all information asymmetry caused by brokers. We also enable owners and tenants to interact with each other directly by using our technologically advanced platform. Our world-class services include-</p> <p>1-Verified brokerage-free properties for buyers and tenants</p> <p>2- Quick brokerage-free tenants &amp; buyers for property owners</p> <p>3-Benefit rich services including online rental agreement and dedicated relationship managers</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Our app (70 lakhs+ downloads) and our website serve 4 cities at present &ndash; Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune and Chennai. Our rapid growth means that we will keep on expanding to more cities shortly.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Are you looking for huge work- independence, passionate peers, steep learning curve, meritocratic work culture, massive growth environment with loads of fun, best-in-class salary and ESOPs? Just apply to our jobs below :-)</p>" | htmlToPlaintext}}
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