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Happy Adda Studios Pvt Ltd Careers
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6-50 employeesN/A

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Jobs at Happy Adda Studios Pvt Ltd

C/C++ Developer

Founded 2016
Products and services{{j_company_types[1 - 1]}}
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Bengaluru (Bangalore)
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4 - 7 years
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Best in industry{{renderSalaryString({min: 700000, max: 900000, duration: "undefined", currency: "INR", equity: false})}}

1. Translate requirements into efficient code. 2. Produce prototypes of gameplay ideas and features. 3. Polish the game, maintain code, fix bugs and iron out problems. 4. Good If the candidate already have cocos2d expertise.

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Raja Vasa picture
Raja Vasa
Job posted by
Raja Vasa picture
Raja Vasa
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People hiring at Happy Adda Studios Pvt Ltd

Raja Vasa
Hiring at Happy Adda Studios Pvt Ltd
Prasad Boppe
Hiring at Happy Adda Studios Pvt Ltd

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