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Sr Data Scientist

Founded 2016
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About us: GreyAtom is a Mumbai-based Ed-tech company, specializing in upskilling tech professionals through harnessing the power of data science. We are a turnkey solution to upgrading your skill set and career prospects. Data Science team at GreyAtom is going forward with mission of building systemic intelligence across GreyAtom product and ecosystem. We are looking forward to team player who understands Software Engineering, Data Science and has good grasp on business. Some Of The Problems We Are Focusing On Currently Are What is learner’s competency across various modules? How does a learner compare against other people in ecosystem ? Does my learning behaviour match that of people who got jobs in Data Science? Attrition Alert for the Student Personalization of learning path for each student Factors that predict learner’s success or drop out risk Mapping the Skill & Competency matrix for each learner At GreyAtom, Data scientists are embedded with the engineering and product team for the problem they are working on. This ensures that the data science solutions are envisioned along with product delivery. We have a very flat structure within the Data Science team, which enables us to focus on excellence and create a deep sense of ownership. Also being a young team we are able to democratize the process of problem selection. Our techniques span classification, clustering, matrix factorization, graphical models, networks and graph algorithms, topic modeling, image processing, deep learning and NLP, each one of them being exercised at a fairly large scale. If you want to challenge the state of the art and want to impact the wide open landscape in India, GreyAtom Data Science team is the place for you. A passionate data scientist who has experience in executing and evangelizing the Machine Learning or AI technologies in solving business problems resulting in uncompromised user experience cost savings and eliciting business insights buried in big data. Your Impact towards CA In this role, you'll help support GreyAtom charter to build Dataware by:   Communicating with scientists as well as engineers. Bringing about significant innovation and solving complex problems in projects based on analytics May have indirect reports and manage a small project team. Mentoring, training, developing and serving as a knowledge resource for less experienced Software Engineers and Data professionals. Work and collaborate with the Product team to build Data Science into Commit.Live Conceptualise, design and deliver high-quality solutions and insightful analysis Conduct research and prototyping innovations; data and requirements gathering; solution scoping and architecture; Skills Required: Typically, 3 or more years of experience executing on projects as a lead and analytic computing experience. Mathematical skills including Statistics fundamentals, Statistical Modelling, Regression analysis, Time Series, Decision Trees, Correlation (Clustering, Association rules, K-Nearest Neighbours) Analytical skills include Data Analytics, Data Modelling, Machine Learning, Text Mining, Optimization Simulation skills (Genetic Algorithms, Monte Carlo Simulations, Linear Programming, Quadratic Programming etc) Data-Driven Problem Solving and Data Munging Papers published in journals in ML/AI area will have added advantage Hands-on experience of Python Understanding and manipulation of unstructured data Has experience with one or more cloud or devops services like AWS, Docker etc. Good business acumen of any vertical, preferably Edtech/ Learning Analytics vertical

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Shareena Fernandes
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Shareena Fernandes
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Shareena Fernandes
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