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Functionize Software Pvt Ltd. Careers
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Jobs at Functionize Software Pvt Ltd.

PHP Developer
PHP Developer

Founded 2015
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NCR (Delhi | Gurgaon | Noida)
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3 - 10 years
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Recognized as 'One of the Most Innovative Companies in Automation Testing', Functionize delivers the first autonomous, AI cloud-based testing platform to automate software testing. Its platform creates selenium-compatible cross-browser tests from natural language text that run on the cloud with no coding. The scalable cloud architecture is trusted by many marquee enterprise customers for its cross-browser compatibility, mobile support and the ability to use real browsers, real workflows, and real non-simulated virtual users. Functionize allows enterprises to seamlessly manage and scale their testing requirements without the need for large traditional QA teams, and harness the power of AI and Machine Learning as part of their existing enterprise processes including CI/CD and Gated Releases. Want to learn more about who we are and what we do? Visit us at www.functionize.com. Functionize is seeking a rockstar engineering leader to develop its web application platform. The right candidate would have experience successfully building highly scalable enterprise applications based on open source architecture (LAMP and Java), and thrives on the challenges and opportunities in an extremely high growth startup environment. Having done this at companies and startups (preferably US based) which have a global footprint of similar scale as Functionize would be a huge advantage. This position requires someone with a deep interest in active coding and programming skills - the majority of the work is active hands on coding in PHP / MySQL / jQuery & Javascript libraries. Job Description : - Must love active hands on PHP / Javascript and HTML coding - Excellent Communication Skills - both written and spoken english is a must - Ability to solve complex problems using innovative solutions and actively coding and developing PHP /Javascript/ HTML based web applications - Writing of fully optimized code for optimum performance and efficiency of the website. - Adhere to the coding standards and guidelines. - Contribute to customer support over e-mail and telephone on a regular basis. - Should be very strong in Object-Oriented programming and design patterns. - Should be strong in writing optimized SQL queries. Skills Required : - Must have extensive demonstrable knowledge in PHP - both Core PHP and MVC Frameworks (Preferrably Zend framework). - Exp.- 5 - 10 Yrs. - Demonstrated exposure to complex web UI applications and front end development is a must - experience with wordpress and cms website development does not count. - Core PHP should be very strong - This is a mandatory requirement. - Excellent exposure to Javascript libraries - including jQuery, Bootstrap - and demonstrable experience in using them on complex web applications. - Demonstrated ability to use frontend libraries and javascript to develop complex and dynamic User Interfaces is a must. - Proficiency in PHP, jQuery, AJAX, Javascript, CSS, HTML, MySQL - Experience working with Web design / photo editing tools a plus - Excellent Verbal and Written English Communication Skills - Experience developing Cloud based web applications, and working with large databases is a huge plus - Experience working with NodeJS and NoSQL databases like Cassandra and Mongo is a big plus. Salary Range: Depends on skills, experience, and past renumeration history NOTE: Immediate Joiners or Short Notice period candidates will be preferred.

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Ankur Verma picture
Ankur Verma
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Ankur Verma picture
Ankur Verma
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People hiring at Functionize Software Pvt Ltd.

Ankur Verma
Hiring at Functionize Software Pvt Ltd.
Ruchi Tyagi
Hiring at Functionize Software Pvt Ltd.

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