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Doxper Careers
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Jobs at Doxper

Tech Support executive
Tech Support executive

via Doxper
Founded 2015
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0 - 3 years
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Skills: ● Willing to travel ● Basic understanding of Technology / IT ● Strong Customer Service Skills ● Flexibility and Persistency ● The ability to handle pressure and meet deadlines ● Attention to details ● Excellent time management and organisation ● Knowledge of The Healthcare industry and its current events will be an added advantage Responsibilities: Job Description ● Provide support to clients in any issue they are facing. ● Manage all on-site technical support, troubleshooting, installations and test activities. ● Diagnose technical problems and offer respective resolutions. ● Adherence to company’s procedures and protocols. ● Cooperate with technical team and ensure timely resolutions to customers. ● Comprehend customer requirements and make appropriate recommendations. ● Formulate relationships of trust with customers.

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Manish Singh picture
Manish Singh
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Manish Singh picture
Manish Singh
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People hiring at Doxper

Manish Singh
Hiring at Doxper
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