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Jobs at CutShort

B2B Inbound Marketer
B2B Inbound Marketer

Founded 2015
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1 - 6 years
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Best in industry4 - 10 lacs/annum

Read this carefully. This is not a regular "digital marketing" or "social media" job. There is a short password somewhere in this job description - it starts with "r" and it not an english word. You need to write that password while applying. :) CutShort is one of the fastest growing platform that uses technology (yes, we use AI too!) and innovation to solve the problem of recruiting and career search for the modern professionals. This role is about creating and implementing solid inbound marketing strategies to not only grow the platform but to establish CutShort as a solid brand. Requirements: 1. Have a fundamental understanding of marketing. MBA in marketing is optional but more importantly, you should have used the power of stories in creating a brand rather than just selling stuff. 2. Should have 1+ year in B2B marketing using #Inbound strategies. Should have use various marketing automation tools to build lists and create powerful journeys that converts a lead to a brand advocate. 3. Understand "lean methodologies". If you haven't heard of it, read about it before applying. You will be tested on this in the process. 4. Have excellent written communication skills. A simple test - can you write emails and contents like Hubspot or GrooveHQ or Buffer? It's okay if you are not there yet - but you'd need to get there, very fast. This was about us. Now, let's talk about your aspirations: 1. You want to grow fast in your career 2. You want to do work you can be super proud of. "I took CutShort to their 1M users internationally. Today they have 50M users and are number1 recruiting platform rg18 used by 100,000 companies". How does a statement like this sound? Again, only apply (with the password hidden in this post) if you are genuinely up for this challenge. If you want a more predicatable job that pays you a lot and gives you a lot of free time, we respect that but won't be a good fit at this point.

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Nikunj Verma picture
Nikunj Verma
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Nikunj Verma
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