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Traditional recruitment agencies are like Yellow cabs in the era of Uber.
Lightning delivers top notch relevance, quality and speed at just 4.99% of CTC.
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Lightning is built on Cutshort's massive Tech hiring platform

It uses the killer combination of the modern AI + rich data of 3M users on Cutshort
Built for tech roles

Built for tech roles

Conventional tech recruiters know only the skill keywords. We understand exactly what they mean
Massive premium talent pool

Massive premium talent pool

Lightning taps into the massive Cutshort database of 2M+ developers. 100 new candidates join Cutshort every hour
Blitz speed

Blitz speed

Start getting quality and relevant profiles before most agencies even begin to understand your roles
Wait, it's high quality and it's cheap. How so?
Like Amazon, Lightning offers the best and fastest due to its focus and massive cost advantage.
talent database

Uses the best Tech talent database

Lightning has accesss to premium talent database of 20,00,000+ Tech talent working at product engineering, startups and high quality IT Consulting companies. Every day, 2500 candidates sign up on Cutshort.
AI tools

Uses cutting-edge AI tools to search and screen

Cutshort has deep algorithms to find candidates, reach them on their mobile phones and screen thousands at the same time using its AI powered screening tools.
Deep expertise

Delivered by humans with deep expertise in Tech hiring

No agency understands Tech as well as we do. Our team has supported talent acquistion strategies of thousands of companies and easily fine tune your hiring strategy based on your context to get the optimal results.

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Frequently asked questions

Currently, Lightning supports full time software engineering and product management roles in the experience range of 1-10 years and CTC > 15LPA. Lightning is not currently available for leadership positions such as CTOs & VPs and for non-tech roles such as sales, marketing, operations etc.

Yes, your roles should have salaries of at least 15LPA.

Unlike conventional agencies that charge 10% to 15% of CTC as success fees, Lightning’s success fees is just 4.99% for jobs given exclusively to Cutshort. For other jobs, the success fees is 6.33%. Due to such low success fees, we charge a small monthly retainer of INR 20k to partly cover our fixed costs.

Yes, we offer a 60 day replacement period.

Like Amazon’s ecommerce service, Lightning offers the best quality service at lowest price due to its sharper focus on Tech roles and massive cost advantage. As an example, Lightning has very low sourcing cost since it has access to Cutshort’s userbase of 20,00,000+ candidates who are already skill-mapped and AI analysed.

Unlike agencies, we aim for high relevance and joining ratio. To do this, our team spends considerable time and effort to understand your roles and find the best fitting candidates. The nominal monthly retainer helps us partly cover some of our fixed costs. For this retainer, you also get powerful Cutshort boosters such as Employer Branding & Candidate Feedback Report which are critical for any company to hire great tech talent today.

Conventional agencies search largely on keywords. Quality and relevance is judged by recruiters who themselves are not engineers. Lightning uses Large Language Models used by the likes of ChatGPT to search candidates on the higher level requirement mentioned by the hiring manager. For e.g. “a frontend developer with experience on performance optimisation”. It also uses test scores of the candidates in our specially created assessment tests on 30+ languages and frameworks. As a result, we have seen many companies selecting up to 80% to 100% of the candidates we share for their interview rounds.


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