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Jobs at BlueStacks

Web Development Manager
Web Development Manager

Founded 2011
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NCR (Delhi | Gurgaon | Noida)
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5 - 11 years
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Best in industry10 - 30 lacs/annum

Responsible for owning and delivering the project pipeline for all website development projects. Leading the in-house & 3rd party delivery team. Core Responsibilities Deliver the project pipeline for bluestacks.com website which is structured as a wordpress based customer-facing, cdn-backed, internationalized website for distributing the BlueStacks App Player Prioritise projects in accordance with business priorities working with the Marketing Team; preparation and realisation of business and operational plans Work with Marketing and Sales team to drive and deliver Website projects Provide advice and guidance on web issues Work closely with all others involved in web provisioning Lead and and manage the day-to-day work of the Web Developers Manage the technical infrastructure/frameworks to deliver robust, secure and reliable website. Transition the development to an in-house team from an outsourced team Skills 6+ years experience in development and hosting of a fast and scalable wordpress based website (>~1 million users a month) Experience of hosting on cloud-based infrastructure using services like AWS or google app engine 2+ year of experience of managing a team Experience of working with designers and content editors on a project team Excellent knowledge of web standards Ability to manage competing priorities Good understanding of website development and tracking standards Demonstrable understanding of web usability

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Shruti C picture
Shruti C
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Shruti C picture
Shruti C
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Shruti C
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