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Join Citizengage and change how we produce energy by making #SwachhBharat a reality. We just returned from Berlin where Germany's energy agency selected us from over 500 startups across 60 countries to create the Energy Transition in Europe and beyond. We believe in innovating from the world's largest democracy by integrating two pressing challenges: waste and energy! Who we are:Citizengage is a technology company operating the world’s first waste-to-resource platform that channels waste into energy, compost and recycled products. This video explains how our Network works and you can view our founder’s TEDx talk here. Why we do what we do:While over 85% of India’s waste can be recycled or repurposed to create energy, save water, and make production less demanding on the environment, over 90% of this waste sits idle in landfills and dumpsites. We started Citizengage to become a world-class technology platform that flips this reality by connecting the largest waste producers in a city, such as restaurants, hotels, malls, tech parks, and gated residential communities, to their collectors and waste processors to verify, optimise, and control a transparent, accountable Waste-to-Resource Network.  Impact:Over 3,000 households and more than 300 businesses use Citizengage to control what happens to their waste and diverted over 5,500 tons from landfills so far, channelling it to biogas plants, composting facilities, and recycling centres instead. We’ve lit up the Domlur Park and Freedom Park with organic waste from restaurants by feeding BBMP’s biogas plants connected to them and are now working with builders, tech parks, breweries, and other commercial establishments to replace their traditional energy with the world’s first private network of biogas plants.   Recognition:Germany’s energy agency (DENA) selected us from over 500 companies across 60 countries as top 3 among “Platforms and Communities” creating the Energy Transition and here is their interview with us. Last year, YourStory inducted us into the Tech30 - India’s most promising startups in any year. Here is some more press coverage that may interest you: Better India, Economic Times, India Investment Journal  
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