Hiring remote employees from India – has the time come now?

Published • By Nikunj Verma

Remote work, as an idea is being discussed for last few years. Barring the startups in Europe, USA and Canada that faced talent crunch and made remote their main talent acquisition pillar, not many mainstream companies and professionals have thought of it as a realistic option.

But this seems to be changing fast.

As I captured it in a Twitter thread recently:

We also shared a cautionary article on our LinkedIn page and asked people to show interest if they want to work remote.

The post has 600+ comments and it seems the new generation find remote work much more compelling.

The reasons and trends are quite clear

The reasons for this remote movement are quite clear:

  • There are many quality companies scattered around the globe, but skilled talent doesn’t have the same distribution. Visa issues and higher salaries make matters worse.
  • Internet connectivity has become more widespread and reliable and modern communication tools and productivity apps like Slack have made it easier to plug in from anywhere.
  • Indian metro cities are choking with problems such as traffic, pollution and quality of life. Remote work will enable skilled professionals to work from tier 2/3/4 cities freely.

How will Indian professionals fare at remote work?

India, with its vastly young and educated population definitely is a great talent pool for the companies worldwide. Indian professionals offer:

  • Programming and english skills
  • Cost economy due to lower wages (you can get a developer at 1/5th of the cost in San Franscisco)
  • Increasing quality of local companies
  • Younger population that can adjust timings

However, there are some areas of concern

  • Legal compliance is low
  • Often under-developed communication and people skills
  • There are often questions raised around professionalism and work ethic

How to hire remote employees from India

First thing to understand is that India has 100 Million plus professionals. Choose right sources that curate the talent pool in some way is an important first step.
At CutShort, we are working on an offering soon. If you want to be a remote worker or want to hire them, please contact us from our website.

By Nikunj Verma

Cofounder & CEO @Cutshort.

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