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3 - 7 years


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Client Servicing
Requirement Analysis

Job description

Researching possible software solutions to increase work efficiency Interpreting data about client policies and workflows Supporting project teams during the analysis and planning stages of software development Working on other project phases like implementation and testing Facilitating a successful release handover Complying with regulations and preparing for assessments for requirements Estimating costs and time requirements of projects Evaluating risks and predicting potential problems Developing quality assurance practices and assessments Establishing deliverables Writing reports, instructions, and specifications and creating flowcharts Determining risk and return on investment for shareholders Acting as a liaison between the business and its Information Technology (IT) department Acting as a liaison between the business and its clients Using spreadsheets to record data on a project Evaluating Key Performance Indicators Modifying the business plan Facilitating meetings and educational workshops for team members Acquiring knowledge of products or services provided by the business

About Altius Technologies

Our leadership has been at the product content forefront for some of the websites in the world also has experts for building eCommerce platform database.







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Customer Success Manager

Founded 2014
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2 - 8 years
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4 - 10 lacs/annum

About us: We are Tatvic, we are an Ahmedabad based team and what we do is we assist trending multinationals to keep on their trending trends!! If it made sense to you, you are great at analytics & deciphering and you are a super fit. As a part of our brilliant team, all you need to do is be & give your best every single day; keep us and yourself challenged and in the journey grow with us. What we have: -Participative, transparent & vibrant culture -Flat Hierarchy -Flexible Timings -Platform to utilize your potential to the fullest -We constantly seek help in form of your feedback & suggestions, to help us keep our learning curve high -Free breakfast & snacks -Comfort is of paramour importance to us hence we do not follow a dress code, wear what is comfortable. -We try to make sure that you are equipped to help your functioning more comfortable -We love to appreciate good work, so there is RNR galore at Tatvic; Spa’s; incentive, attractive coupons, trips, dinner with family -Open forums, team activities, team lunches/dinners Looking forward to hear from you!!

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