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Lead Frontend (React Js) Developer
Lead Frontend (React Js) Developer
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Lead Frontend (React Js) Developer

Pooja Sinha's profile picture
Posted by Pooja Sinha
4 - 8 yrs
₹14L - ₹25L / yr
Navi Mumbai, Mumbai
skill iconReact.js
skill iconJavascript
1. Developing new user-facing features using React.js
2. Architect efficient and reusable front-end systems that drive complex web applications
3. Translating designs and wireframes into high-quality code
4. Optimizing components for maximum performance across a vast array of web-capable
devices and browser
5. Mentor junior members through training and individual support
6. Proactively learn and accordingly apply new technologies, best design practices, and
usability patterns
7. Optimize application for maximum speed and scalability - (Speed matters)

Skills And Qualifications:

1. Strong proficiency in JavaScript and Typescript, including DOM manipulation and the
JavaScript object model
2. Thorough understanding of React.js and its core principles including server-side rendering
3. Understanding of React.js life cycles and hooks in details
4. Understanding of webpack and webpack configuration including server-side rendering
5. Familiarity with newer specifications of EcmaScript
6. Experience with data structure libraries (e.g., Immutable.js)
7. Knowledge of modern authorization mechanisms, such as JSON Web Token
8. Familiarity with modern front-end build pipelines and tools
9. Experience with common front-end development tools such as Babel, Webpack, NPM, etc.
10. Ability to understand business requirements and translate them into technical requirements
11. A knack for benchmarking and optimization
12. Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git
13. Min 4 years of experience in ReactJs and NodeJS
14. Knowledge of React Native is a plus
15. Experience in e-commerce React.js front end is a big plus
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Subodh Popalwar

Software Engineer, Memorres
For 2 years, I had trouble finding a company with good work culture and a role that will help me grow in my career. Soon after I started using Cutshort, I had access to information about the work culture, compensation and what each company was clearly offering.
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About Growisto

Founded :
Size :
Stage :

Work with the best: Learn from leaders who have built Growisto from the ground up. Work with down-to-earth, highly experienced, and insanely ambitious colleagues

As the business grows, you grow: We want Growisto to be built from within. We want to grow 10x in the next two years and you can play a significant role in helping Growisto achieving the same

More ownership: You will be a key member of the team at Growisto. We will look forward to giving you maximum ownership for your work

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Similar jobs

Coders Van
Satadru Roy
Posted by Satadru Roy
Remote only
Upto ₹3L / yr (Varies
skill iconReact.js
skill iconJavascript
skill iconRedux/Flux

Software Developer Job

Java Full Stack Developer

Are you a talented Java Full Stack Developer with a passion for building innovative web applications? We are looking for an experienced professional to join our team and help us design, develop, and maintain end-to-end solutions that delight our users.


  • Design, develop, and maintain web applications using Java, front-end technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), and various frameworks.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including UX/UI designers and backend developers, to deliver high-quality, responsive, and user-friendly web solutions.
  • Create and maintain RESTful APIs for seamless integration between the front-end and back-end components.
  • Optimize application performance, ensuring scalability and responsiveness.
  • Implement best practices for security, data protection, and code quality.
  • Stay up to date with the latest web development trends and technologies to drive innovation.
  • Provide technical leadership and mentorship to junior developers.
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Divyatha shetty
Posted by Divyatha shetty
Bengaluru (Bangalore)
2 - 3 yrs
₹10L - ₹14L / yr
ThreeJs (Three.js)
skill iconNextJs (Next.js)
skill iconJavascript
skill iconAngular (2+)
skill iconReact.js
+3 more
  • Use markup languages like HTML to create user-friendly web pages
  • Maintain and improve the website
  • Optimize applications for maximum speed
  • Design mobile-based features
  • Collaborate with back-end developers and web designers to improve the usability
  • Get feedback from, and build solutions for, users and customers
  • Write functional requirement documents and guides
  • Create quality mockups and prototypes
  • Help back-end developers with coding and troubleshooting
  • Ensure high-quality graphic standards and brand consistency
  • Stay up-to-date on emerging technologies
Requirements and skills
  • Proven at least 2 to 3 years of work experience as a Front-end developer
  • Hands-on experience with markup languages
  • Experience with JavaScript,Next.Js and ThreeJS is a must
  • Familiarity with browser testing and debugging
  • In-depth understanding of the entire web development process (design, development and deployment)
  • Excellent analytical and multitasking skills
  • Engineering graduates are preferred. 
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5 - 10 yrs
₹10L - ₹15L / yr
skill iconReact.js
skill iconJavascript
skill iconRedux/Flux

We are hiring for Fronend Developer for our Noida office (Sector 58) If interested please share your resume.

Position - React Front-end Developer

Employment Type – Full-time 

Job Timing: US timings 

Experience – 4+ years                        

Notice Period - Immediate - 15 days

Location – Noida (Sector 58)

Job description

We are looking for a Front-end Developer with strong knowledge in ReactJS to produce scalable web app solutions. You'll be part of a cross-functional team that's responsible for the full software development life cycle, from conception to deployment.


- Work with development teams and UI/UX designer to ideate software solutions

- Design client-side and server-side architecture

- Build the front-end of applications through appealing visual design

- Develop and manage well-functioning databases and applications

- Write effective APIs

- Test software to ensure responsiveness and efficiency

- Troubleshoot, debug and upgrade software

- Create security and data protection settings

- Build features and applications with a mobile responsive design

- Write technical documentation


- Proven experience as a Front-end Developer.

- Experience developing desktop and mobile applications

- Familiarity with common stacks

- Good exp in multiple front-end languages and libraries (e.g. HTML/ CSS, JavaScript, XML, jQuery)

- Familiarity with multiple back-end languages (e.g. Python) and JavaScript frameworks

- Familiarity with databases (e.g. Firebase, MongoDB), web servers (e.g. Nginx)

- Excellent communication and teamwork skills

- Great attention to detail

- Organizational skills

Education: Degree in Computer Science, Statistics or a relevant field

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Dotball Interactive Private Limited
Veena K V
Posted by Veena K V
Bengaluru (Bangalore)
2 - 5 yrs
₹5L - ₹7L / yr
skill iconJavascript
skill iconReact Native
skill iconHTML/CSS
skill iconiOS App Development
+1 more
Responsibilities: -Build pixel-perfect, buttery smooth UIs across both mobile platforms. -Leverage native APIs for deep integrations with both platforms. -Diagnose and fix bugs and performance bottlenecks for performance that feels native. -Reach out to the open source community to encourage and help implement mission-critical software fixes—React Native moves fast and often breaks things. -Maintain code and write automated tests to ensure the product is of the highest quality. -Transition existing React web apps to React Native. Skills: -Firm grasp of the JavaScript language and its nuances. -Knowledge of (functional or object-oriented) programming. -Ability to write well-documented, clean Javascript code. -Rock solid at working with third-party dependencies and debugging -dependency conflicts. -Familiarity with native build tools, like XCode, Gradle (Android Studio, IntelliJ). -Understanding of REST APIs, the document request model, and offline storage.
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6 - 10 yrs
₹18L - ₹22L / yr
skill iconReact.js
skill iconRedux/Flux
skill iconJavascript
+1 more
We are looking for talented individuals to quickly grow our Engineering Center based in Pune(India). If you are a smart, passionate, hardworking, team oriented, creative thinker, we promise you an amazing environment in which to spread your wings, participate in solving a complex technical problem and creating a brand-spanking new product to solve a problem faced by every company worldwide. 

Job Description :

- We are a Fintech Company based in Pune, a B2B Trade Digitization platform for SMEs and Corporates to collaborate and work with Financial Institutions to raise short term fundings for payables and receivables financing.

- We are thus well placed to help Corporates and their Supply Chains to meet their GST needs.

The platform is built using a polygot technology stack:
● Platform Backend: JVM
● Web Layer: ReactJS and related ecosystem, HTML, Javascript, CSS, Bootstrap
● API & Business Layer: Kotlin and functional programming
● Client Apps and Customer Integrations: Kotlin, Jersey ReST Framework, home
grown optimized HTTP and SQL libraries
● Mobile Apps: Android, iOS
● Database: MySQL
○ JVM – Hibernate & Exposed as ORM library
○ Python – SQLAlchemy as ORM library
● Build Tools: Gradle, Shell Scripting, AWS Code Build, Jenkins
● Ops Automation: Ansible, Terraform
● Servers: Ubuntu Linux
● Version Control: GIT
● Test Automation: Python - unittest, pyhamcrest, freshen, nose. JVM – Junit,
Kotlin Test
● Cloud Providers: Amazon AWS, Linode

We are a self organized engineering team with a passion for programming and solving
business problems for our customers. We are looking to add a Senior UI Developer in
our team having hands-on technical experience of 6+ years. We encourage our team to
continuously learn new technologies and apply the learnings in the day to day work
even if the new technologies are not adopted. We strive to continuously improve our
practices and expertise to form a solid backbone for the product, customer relationships
and sales teams which enables them to add new customers every week to our financing

As an engineering team member, you will
● Work collaboratively with product, customer support and DevOps team to build,
enhance, maintain, deploy and operate our systems.
● Continuously automate operational processes to improve efficiencies and
productivity and enhance customer experience
● Work closely with the architect to continuously refactor the system architecture
and design to meet the changing landscape triggered by technology changes
and business growth
● Work with the DevOps team to build and maintain tools for deployment,
monitoring and operations.
● Ensure that development processes and deliverables always adhere to the
mandates laid down for for various certifications (PCI and ISO 27001 in

Skills required
● Pre-requisites: Hands on experience in ReactJS and Redux. Experience in
typescript will be an additional benefit.
● Should be passionate about technology and ready to deep dive into
programming .
● Should have sound expertise of writing testable code and appreciate defect free
● Should be able to reason/argue/discuss/suggest solutions and alternatives.
● Should be able to decipher the core problem to be solved during discussions
with product team and/or customers
● Should have good communication skills and experience working in teams
● Experience of working in financial domain will help but not a necessity
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Remote only
3 - 5 yrs
₹10L - ₹15L / yr
skill iconReact.js
skill iconJavascript
skill iconRedux/Flux
skill iconjQuery
skill iconAngularJS (1.x)
+3 more
Graduate with 2 - 5 years of experience in JavaScript development.
• Should understand design patterns and its implementation over JavaScript
• Must know a front-end JS framework like, React.js + Redux
• Must know functional programming paradigm & JQuery.
• Should understand OO concepts and write OO JavaScript.
• Should be able to Architect the structure of a heterogeneous application. For example, an application
• consisting of Server side script on Node.js plugged with any NoSQL (e.g MongoDB) OR Relational
• Database and frontend in React.js, Angular.js.
• Experience optimizing browser loading and rendering
• Hands on experience in HTML5, CSS3.
• Experience in handling project, with agile methodology
• Should know one of Task Runner(bundling) tool like Webpack, Gulp.
• Notice Period - 0 to 15 days only
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Bengaluru (Bangalore)
2 - 5 yrs
₹6L - ₹12L / yr
skill iconJavascript
skill iconReact.js
skill iconHTML/CSS
About the company

They build digital products, and helps companies with their digital transformation. Our clients are based in India, USA, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.
The company was founded in 1999 to create software products for financial risk management. Headquartered in Bangalore, we also have offices in the USA, and France.

What We're Looking For

The Way You Work
• An unwavering attention to detail and care towards your work. Suryans double-check PRs
they submit for review. Each variable name is thought through in detail; attention is paid
towards how decisions made today will affect the future.
• An absolute commitment towards doing the best work of your life, while helping others to
do the same. We deliver with utmost focus on the job at hand. The team works towards
crafting the best products for our users, and customers. Working as a team, Their employees take onproblems out of the original scope of their work if this results in a better end product.
• You should be comfortable working in an agile environment. You are also expected to
participate in code reviews—both receiving and offering them as needed. You are needed
to communicate flexibly with your team—pitching in on designs, features and ideas for the
product, wherever needed.

What is Needed for the Role

• Strong command of ReactJS
• Strong command of modern JavaScript (examples: arrow functions, async/await,
destructuring, rest & spread, etc.)
• Strong command of modern CSS and HTML (examples: flexbox, grid, media queries, etc.)
• Strong command of modern JavaScript tooling (examples: webpack, babel, ESLint, etc.)
• Hands-on experience with TypeScript on ReactJS projects is a bonus, but not required
• A good grip on Git

What You Will Work On

The specific project you work on is decided based on the list of available projects at the time.While what you work on will change over time, we assure you that you’ll work with people who care deeply about their work and deliver with great attention to detail.
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at Manthan
1 recruiter
Gautham K
Posted by Gautham K
Bengaluru (Bangalore), Bengaluru (Bangalore)
5 - 10 yrs
₹0L / yr
skill iconJavascript
skill iconHTML/CSS
skill iconjQuery
+3 more
COMPANY PROFILE - Manthan ( Manthan serves as the Chief Analytics Officer for global consumer industries. With its portfolio of analytic products and solutions Manthan helps its customers derive competitive advantage through data-driven decisions. Manthan’s solutions are architected with deep industry specificity, bringing together analytics, technology and industry-practices to place sophisticated, yet intuitive analytical capability. Headquartered in Bangalore with offices in US, UK, Singapore and Brazil, Manthan’s current client footprint spans 18 countries. Manthan serves the analytics needs of Retail, CPG, Pharma and Market Research industries. Manthan is venture-funded with Norwest Venture Partners, Temasek and Fidelity Private Equity on its board.
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3 - 7 yrs
₹4L - ₹15L / yr
skill iconReact Native
skill iconiOS App Development
skill iconAndroid Development
skill iconJavascript
Job Description We are looking for a React Native developer interested in building performant mobile apps on both the iOS and Android platforms. Building a product is a highly collaborative effort, and as such, a strong team player with a commitment to perfection is required. Responsibilities ● Build pixel-perfect, buttery smooth UIs across both mobile platforms. ● Leverage native APIs for deep integrations with both platforms. ● Diagnose and fix bugs and performance bottlenecks for performance that feels native. ● Maintain code and write automated tests to ensure the product is of the highest quality. Skills ● 5+ years as a professional software developer Experience with React and React Native (especially in brownfield applications) ● Experience with at least one native mobile platform (bonus points if you moved to React Native from iOS or Android development) ● Experience with styleguide-driven development ● Firm grasp of the JavaScript (and TypeScript or ClojureScript) language and its nuances, including ES6+ syntax
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at Accedo
4 recruiters
Aditya Puthran
Posted by Aditya Puthran
NCR (Delhi | Gurgaon | Noida)
5 - 8 yrs
₹12L - ₹17L / yr
skill iconJavascript
Web Development
Accedo is looking for talented Web Developers to join its team in Delhi. At Accedo you will be part of a diverse and multi-disciplined development team, gaining exposure to cutting edge technologies and the opportunity to work with some of the largest global media brands in the industry. Working in a highly collaborative environment, you will help transform requirements and designs into high performing feature rich applications on a wide variety of web based platforms and devices. Objective of the role: Primarily software development of front end applications using web technologies. You will work on applications for world famous brands from the idea stage through to market launch. Your role may also include customer discussions, requirements analysis and testing support. Main tasks: - Development of applications using HTML/JavaScript/CSS to target web, mobile, and other Connected TV platforms - Customer configurations and installations - Communication with customer technical contacts regarding development projects globally - Work closely with regional teams across global Accedo offices - Liaising with Accedo’s partners to set up and manage IPTV / Connected TV systems - Research and study new TV platforms as they come to market, including reviewing documentation and making recommendations for new applications and adapting existing applications - Other projects may be assigned at times, depending on the requirements of the business Professional Requirements: - Degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, IT or related discipline - 6+ years professional experience developing web based solutions and services - Extensive hands-on development experience using JavaScript, HTML, CSS, AJAX, JSON, jQuery - Good working knowledge of JavaScript Frameworks (especially AngularJS, ReactJS, Redux) highly desirable & essential - Server-side scripting skills (PHP, Java, Node.js) also beneficial, but not essential - Deploying cloud-based solutions is also beneficial, but not essential - Exposure to Agile, Continuous Integration, Test Driven Development is a plus - Self-motivated and Customer focused, with good English communication skills
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Subodh Popalwar's profile image

Subodh Popalwar

Software Engineer, Memorres
For 2 years, I had trouble finding a company with good work culture and a role that will help me grow in my career. Soon after I started using Cutshort, I had access to information about the work culture, compensation and what each company was clearly offering.
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