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250+ employeesN/A



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Product Marketing Associate - Demand Generation

Founded 1996
250+ employees
Growth Hacking
Online Marketing
Content Marketing
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2 - 5 years
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6 - 12 lacs/annum

Job description At Zoho, we're building the most integrated suite of business products that exists on the cloud. With over 15 million users working online using Zoho, your work impacts a wide variety of businesses across the world. Join us on this exciting and satisfying journey to build smart software for growing businesses. The product marketing team at Zoho is at the center of all our marketing efforts. Broadly, product marketers are responsible for reaching hundreds of millions of potential customers and telling them the story of how Zoho can help their business perform better. Product Marketing Associates break down Zoho's core vision into actionable campaigns & projects and execute them to the best extent possible. A typical day could involve all or some of these: Propose initiatives and partnerships that will help stimulate demand for Zoho's products. Identify opportunities to increase targeted traffic to Zoho's product websites. Create compelling campaigns to educate potential users about the benefits of Zoho's products. Analyze the performance of these campaigns and optimize them for maximum impact. Develop and implement marketing automation methods to engage prospects. A successful applicant will have these traits: At least 3 years' experience in digital marketing Ability to strategise and create content relevant to a specific audience Entrepreneurial thinking and the ability to act effectively with high-level direction Passionate about helping small businesses A self-starter and a go-getter This role is based in Chennai.

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Job poster profile picture - Jones Vasanth
Jones Vasanth
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Job poster profile picture - Jones Vasanth
Jones Vasanth
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Jones Vasanth
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