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Manager - Business Development

Founded 2013
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About Townscript: Townscript.com is India's leading and one of the fastest growing event registration platforms in India. It's a simple and powerful way to create your event registration page and event app. From small Free events to big conferences, Townscript is used by all types of organisers. We have served more than 40,000 small and big events and are spread across more than 100 cities of India. Townscript is backed by Bookmyshow (India's biggest movie and entertainment ticketing platform)Primary Job Responsibilities : - Driving Business Growth Results for the company by efficient sales efforts. - Specifically Responsible for Sales growth of Bangalore Region. - Generate outbound leads, qualify leads and manage the conversion funnel - Provide demos to customers over web or in person, and answer first level technical questions - Prepare proposals, negotiate and close deals - Study, analyze and track customer feedback to optimize the sales funnel and pricing - Coordinate with the marketing team for inbound leads and collateral - Working closely with the Founding team for developing business development strategy (Market Research, Competitive Analysis etc) to drive business growth results of the company. Required : - Tech Startup DNA - Knowledge and experience of the SaaS (Software-as-a-service) sales process - Not scared of getting hands dirty with an understanding of the Townscript's technology and what's under the hood; don't expect you to know coding; but know that you will not have a sales engineer to answer the technical questions - Hungry but not pushy, scrappy yet effective - Build and grow an inside sales engine - that is most suited for a startup, as opposed to a purely relationship based customer acquisition - Metrics driven approach - being able to run a tight ship - Be the answers guy - rather than just asking who to sell, how to sell - Extra points: Knows the space and buyers, history of impact selling and developing enterprise learning markets - Disciplined and analytical approach to sales processes and CRM - Passionate to lead sales growth for a startup. Lastly, please read this article: http://www.bothsidesofthetable.com/2014/04/03/helping-startups-understand-salespeople-the-sales-culture/ Would love to hear your opinion!

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Sanchit Malik
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Sanchit Malik
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Sachin Sharma
Founder at Townscript
Sushant Pawar
Software Developer at Townscript
Sourav Mahato
Director of Sales at Townscript
Sanchit Malik
Co-Founder at Townscript
Avilasha Satpathy
Business Development Manager at Townscript
Ankit Saha
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