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Tekdi Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Careers
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Jobs at Tekdi Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Technical Project Manager
Technical Project Manager

Founded 2006
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6 - 8 years
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Best in industry6 - 10 lacs/annum

Tekdi is a IT Product and Services company. Our mission is to make "Made in India" synonymous to robust and innovative software. We're looking for talented Project Managers to join our team. Responsibilities - Work with the team to create and execute project plans - Identify risks, recommend mitigation plans - Identify critical paths and recommend opportunities to better manage dependencies - Conduct project progress meetings and demos with customers and other stakeholders - Implement and evolve processes to boost team efficiency - Ensure scope and quality control Skills & Experience - At least 6 years of experience in PHP or JavaScript projects, with at least 3 years of Project Management experience - Use JIRA, Redmine or any other project tracking tool - Great spoken and written English communication skills

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Ashwin Date
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Vaishali Patke
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