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Asheesh Kumar
Hiring at Stylumia Intelligence Technology Pvt. Ltd.
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Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Graphic Designing
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Bengaluru (Bangalore)
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1 - 3 years

Job description Stylumia enables boosting full-price sell-thro,sales,profit and reduce inventory using real-time fashion intelligence tools. Stylumia through its AI for fashion delivers latest fashion trends real-time to fashion designers,buyers and merchandisers with a consumer lens curated by data. Design validation has never been so easy. Job Description Stylumia is looking for a full-time Creative Graphic Designer to join our design team and help define and develop how we communicate to our users and community about the way people buy fashion online. The Creative Graphic Designer will report to the CEO and will work alongside the Marketing. We are seeking a designer who understands the Stylumia customer and the ecommerce experience; with clean and sophisticated design aesthetics. Looking to see portfolios from mid-level designers with relevant work in the ecommerce realm. Key Responsibilities To creatively develop the highest standard of online presentation in an innovative way across all categories of Stylumia; Work with editorial, marketing and merchandising teams to create engaging, relevant, and inspiring emailers, social media posts as well as banners on a daily basis; Excel at design, layout and execution of online projects related to website homepage, landing pages, social media, marketing projects, blog, and more; You will design/assist in designing all materials for physical events such as catalogues, posters, printed cards, leaflets and branded products; You will also support the team in the editing and retouching of images from in-house shoots; A creative and keen eye for detail is necessary to ensure all work is visually appealing; Team oriented with an ability to collaborate with others to move projects, improve materials and elevate the brand. Desired Candidate Skills Two to Three years' experience in a similar role at an ecommerce company. Bachelor's or graduate degree in Graphic Design. Proficiency in Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Corel Draw and other Adobe Creative Suite applications. Strong design background in Illustrator and Photoshop. Expertise in Photoshop retouching skills. Strong ability to convey messages with high visual impact. Excellent organisational and problem-solving skills. Manage workload and tight deadlines to deliver creative solutions in a timely manner. Ability to work in a fast-paced environment. A strong understanding of typography, colour and layout. Detail oriented & organized approach to designing and responding to feedback Good communication skills and be happy working across multiple teams A passion for emerging technologies Ability to adapt quickly to changing priorities and a fast-paced business WHO ARE WE- Stylumia was born out of this need-gap. Be it trend spotting, buy quantity or retail distribution, Stylumia breaks the complexities of the fashion business down to product, brand, consumer and channels to deliver higher precision in predictions over time. We analyse and derive actionable intelligence from unstructured data sources by applying advances in AI and Computer Vision . And the source of our intelligence is images, user behaviour data, textual descriptions on social media and implicit signals mined from retail sites. The result is that fashion and lifestyle professionals across the globe are able to make laser-edge informed decisions for current course corrections and future directions. Stylumia Family Core Values: Demonstrate PASSION for whatever you do (show that you really care) Do MORE with LESS (be resourceful) Make a tangible IMPACT (a dent in the universe) EXCELLENCE at the heart of all we do (don- t settle for less) Pursue KNOWLEDGE and GROWTH relentlessly (stay hungry, stay foolish) Do the RIGHT THING (honesty and integrity, above all) You can only win as a TEAM (have each other- s- back) OWN the results (take it to the finish line) PLAY hard, WORK harder (Rome wasn- t built on a 9 to 5 schedule) Deliver - WOW- and 'JOY- to the customers (have a purpose) WHO DO WE SEEK- We Seek - A' Players Who Have very standards for themselves and work tirelessly to achieve them Persevere and persist in problem solving and don't have the word - quit- in their dictionary Are passionate and driven by purpose to achieve great things in life Are intelligent yet humble, and know the biggest challenges in life are won as a team Website: https://www.stylumia.com/ Industry: Apparel & Fashion Facebook Link: https://business.facebook.com/Stylumia.Official/?business_id=1273412896056425 Headquarters: No. 233, Shine on Block 2, Rahat Bagh, C V Raman NagarBangalore, Karnataka 560093 India. Apply to us: asheeshkumar.mourya@stylumia.com Contact: +91 9535405405.

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Job poster profile picture - Asheesh Kumar
Asheesh Kumar
Job posted by
Job poster profile picture - Asheesh Kumar
Asheesh Kumar
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