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UI Developer

Founded 2014
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5 - 10 lacs/annum

We are looking for dynamic and motivated professionals having 4-6 years of industry experience in following areas to join our hands and make this journey a grand success. Roles and Responsibilities Design and development of seamless, simple and intuitive user interfaces Communicate/Express design ideas using wire frames and UI prototypes Work with product management to define user interactions/work flows Work with development team in implementing the UI features Core Skills: Should possess excellent knowledge on AngularJS (v1 and v2 both) Working experience with HTML5 elements like SVG, canvas Should be well versed with Javascript based visualisation libraries like D3.js Expertise in WebSocket, Server Sent Events (SSE) Conceptual knowledge of Google Material design Experience in implementing responsive UI using CSS frameworks like Bootstrap v3 Must possess : Hybrid mobile app platforms such as Ionic Framework v2, Apache Cordova, Framework7, Sencha Touch Extensive use of Cordova Plugins such as Bluetooth, Camera, etc. Javascript Unit testing frameworks like Mocha, Chai Mobile App automation tools like Appium REST API, JSON knowledge Experience in working with UX team, UX designs, converting wireframes into HTML Desired: OAuth Protocolto support

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Shruti Pednekar
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Shruti Pednekar
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Shruti Pednekar
HR Manager at Smartalyse Technologies

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