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Jobs at Skillventory

Frontend Engineer
Global leader in Cloud BI and Analytics solutions

Founded 2009
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2 - 6 years
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Best in industry5 - 20 lacs/annum

Frontend Engineer Job description You will be joining our frontend team that has built product from scratch now being in use and loved by thousands of BI users. This product is based on a home-grown cross-platform UI using technologies such as HTML5, CSS, Javascript and Angular.JS. We even built our own ultra high performance Javascript based charting engine. You will have great projects, to take ownership of, as we continue to drive innovation in BI frontend in 2019 and beyond. Key Responsibilities include but are not limited to: Collaborate on UI design with interaction Web designers and backend developers Employ solid software engineering practices to ensure high-quality, unit tested, maintainable/extensible code and predictable schedules working in agile environment Qualifications BE/ME/MCA in Computer Science or related fields Strong applied experience. You have built, broken and rebuilt many applications, examined a lot of open source code to gain understanding of how real-world software is built and delivered Strong foundation in Object Oriented Programming principles, data structures, algorithms and SQL Working experience with one or more of: Java core, .Net/C#, JavaScript and related frameworks, HTML/CSS, Relational databases Basic knowledge of building and consuming SOAP and REST services Excellent communication and teamwork skills

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Jitendra Chhunchha picture
Jitendra Chhunchha
Job posted by
Jitendra Chhunchha picture
Jitendra Chhunchha
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Jitendra Chhunchha
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