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Siddharth Misra
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Namaste Credit
6-50 employees
Raised funding
About the company
<p>Namaste Credit (www.namastecredit.com) is India&rsquo;s most exciting new financial technology company. Started<br />in late 2014, Namaste Credit is an online marketplace for business loans across the emerging markets, with<br />India as our first geography. Using our proprietary credit scoring and requirement matching process, we<br />connect business owners looking for financing with a large number of relevant lenders.<br />Having tie-ups with over a couple of dozen Lenders in India&rsquo;s (Banks &amp;amp; NBFCs), Namaste Credit is helping<br />businesses secure loans every day and quickly becoming the market leader in this space. Founded and led<br />by a seasoned management team with experience on Wall Street and &ldquo;Main Street&rdquo; across New York,<br />London, Delhi and Bangalore the company has already:<br /> Created a true loan marketplace, where borrower applications are submitted simultaneously to a wide<br />range of interested lenders and lenders can focus on target borrower segments &amp;amp; profiles<br /> Launched the most comprehensive and robust credit scoring platform for SMEs across India<br /> Armed with a couple of Patents, the company is creating next generation products and automation tools to<br />help Banks and NBFCs improve their efficiency.<br /> Raised an initial Seed round of financing from Angels in the US, Europe, India and South America</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>We are always looking for good people, sounds interesting?... Do reach us for an interesting career.</p>
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