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PHP Developer ios developer

Founded 2009
Products and services
51-250 employees
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1 - 5 years
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3 - 7 lacs/annum

Founded in 2009, OSP Labs is a solution driven innovation lab delivering experiences for next-gen startups and enterprises at the forefront of technology. Think of us as a ‘problem-solvers’ with coming-of-age solution to improve businesses at every level. From enterprise mobility system to custom software that streamlines your workflow, our energetic team hustle every day to make digital dreams come true for our clients. We partner with startups, incubate ideas and experiment new technologies to engage, drive innovation, and promote successful environment. Our process is collaborative effort touching every corner of the technology and adapting to client’s evolving needs.

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Job poster profile picture - Nehal Kansagra
Nehal Kansagra
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Job poster profile picture - Nehal Kansagra
Nehal Kansagra
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Nehal Kansagra
OSPlabs - We are hiring!!!

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