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1-5 employeesN/A


Raised fundingN/A
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Vijay Vardumuni
Manager Quality Assurance at nVipani Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
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Java Developer,

Founded 2015
1-5 employees
Raised funding
NodeJS (Node.js)
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Bangalore, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
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2 - 5 years

nVipani is a product based IT start-up pioneered in providing comprehensive Supply Chain Management to Agricultural, Agricultural related FMCG, Agricultural related Manufacturing and Agricultural related Textile industries. nVipani operates from Bengaluru, India and is established in 2015. We, at nVipani, intent to be a leader in the B2B market place targeted to Agricultural, FMCG, Manufacturing and Textile industries in next 4 years. Business Booster, a flagship product of nVipani, has made early inroads into the B2B market. Business Booster is a niche product and an efficient supply chain management solution and that encompasses Business automation, Offer, Contact, Order, and Catalogue management, Inventory, Warehouse and Transportation management, support for Value Added services. nVipani recognizes employees as equivalent to our valued Customers. nVipani focuses on building long term and sustained relations with our Customer and Employees. nVipani provides realistic opportunities to our Employees and strive best to have inclusive growth. nVipani founders/promoters have a collective experience of 60+ years in building start-ups, technology products and innovation, idea to implementation with passion to have a footprint in B2B Marketplace.

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Job poster profile picture - Vijay Vardumuni
Vijay Vardumuni
Job posted by
Job poster profile picture - Vijay Vardumuni
Vijay Vardumuni
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