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MompreneursIndia Careers
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Jobs at MompreneursIndia

Community Manager Mumbai
Community Manager Mumbai

Founded 2013
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We are recruiting !!! Position: Community Manager (Mumbai) Experience: 0 - 4 years Skills: Events, Social Media Industry: Advertising/Entertainment/Media Functional Area: Advertising/Entertainment/Media . Job Location : Part Time Work From Home (Mumbai) Job Description: MompreneursIndia serves and represents a large community of women in business. The role involves conducting and promoting our events locally and expanding our network of women entreprenuers. Capabilities we are looking for : - Ability to plan and host business networking events. - Crisp spoken and written communication skills in English. - Should be a people's person. - Should be able to speak/understand the local dialect. - Ability to thrive when multitasking - Knowledge of using Excels sheets and Powerpoint - Understanding of social media platforms, culture and etiquettes. - Willingness to do travel to meet clients and partners. - Innovative and self driven. - Good negotiation skills. - Hands on experience with digital media & content creation - Excellent copywriting skills - Ability to conceptualize & produce creative content (text, image, video) - Must be comfortable appearing and conversing on-camera Primary Job Responsibilities : - Work on expanding our member base. - Build stronger associations with users already on board - Hands on planning and conducting community events - Be hands on with client management and delivery - Engage with user base and support them on an ongoing basis. - Support users on enhancing their experience and adding delight. - Operate the facbook and telegram groups - Connect with local experts and influencers and build our relationship. - Work with the core team in bringing sponsors and partners on board. - Generate, edit, publish and share engaging content (e.g. original text, photos, videos and news) on our channels including Blog, Facebook, Twitter, & Linkedin - Collaborate across teams to strategize and execute on long-term marketing objectives What will you gain and get? - A chance to work with some of the brightest minds and get connected with progressive women entrepreneurs in India. - A work environment that values individual opinions, facilitates creativity by giving you your space (flexible hours, work from home etc) and yet pushes you to deliver the best in a fast growing environment. - Event management experience. - Community building experience - an asset that you will cherish. - Experience in working with remote teams.

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Chetana Misra picture
Chetana Misra
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Chetana Misra picture
Chetana Misra
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Chetana Misra
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