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mfine Careers
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React Native Developer - iOS/Android Platform

via mfine
Founded 2017
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Bengaluru (Bangalore)
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2 - 5 years
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Best in industry15 - 30 lacs/annum

About mfine :We strongly believe that consulting with your trusted doctor should not be as complicated and time-consuming as it is today! Scheduling an appointment, taking the day off work, waiting at the clinic for hours can all prove to be extremely tiresome, especially when you are feeling under the weather.mfine aims to make your access to trusted healthcare simple, fast, and effective. We believe in improving the overall health care delivery experience. We intend to help you heal quicker and better without having to wait needlessly.With a powerful combination of highly-experienced, compassionate doctors and state-of-the-art technology, we, at mfine, believe in delivering top-quality health care at every step.mfine's approach is to aggregate primary care demand onto a digital platform and create a hyper local care delivery network of providers. Branded clinics/hospitals, particularly the mid-sized ones, view this as the - Cloud Clinic- they are looking for and missing today. Uniqueness of mfine :There are 4 fundamentally differentiated capabilities of mfine platform :- Its hospital lead and not individual doctor lead - so, better, maturity of processes, quality, and brand trust- Remote diagnosis and treatment with data : devices, and home vitals and sample collection- Scalable with care team concept. 24x7 care team for case prep, case follow up and all front-ending with the consumer- Increased Doctor Productivity with use of AI driven apps/tools for the doctors - both the Sr.Consultants and as well as care team doctors.About Founders :Prasad and Ashutosh are technology entrepreneurs and have built and run large businesses and teams. Ashutosh was the Co-founder of Myntra and was pretty much involved in every part of the business through the last 10 years. Prasad was the Chief Business Officer of Myntra and was instrumental in shaping Myntra's strategy and growth over the last 4-5 years. Both are technologists and led Myntra through industry shaping moves, be it building a premium consumer brand, leading the way in m-commerce or creating growth with technology and consumer experience. They grew passionate about consumer internet opportunities in India as they built Myntra to be a billion dollar online fashion platform from ground up. mfine is the venture they started after moving on from Myntra in Jan 2017. They have put together a very strong initial team that brings with it technology, business and healthcare experience/expertise.[Platform] mfine's platform manifests into a consumer app and a care team app (for doctors and care team). The apps are powered with AI/BOTs that enrich the interaction between the consumers and doctors, make the clinic workflows efficient and deliver a proactive care experience for the users with personalized information/notifications. The App is the go to place for all data for the consumers and providers - be it historical records or real time streaming from connected health devices. At the backend of the apps is the integration with provider network that enables smooth admin & operations between mfine and each provider.Company Details :Industry : Healthcare Company Incorporation : Feb 2017No. of Employees : 130Geography : BangaloreFounders : - Prasad Kompalli (CEO & Co-founder) : https://www.linkedin.com/in/prasadkompalli/- Ashutosh Lawania (Co-founder) : https://www.linkedin.com/in/lawania/- Ajit Narayanan (CTO) : https://www.linkedin.com/in/ajitnarayanan/Currently Series A funded by :- Stellaris Venture Partners. http://stellarisvp.com/portfolio/mfine/- Prime Venture Partners. http://primevp.in/announcements/mfine-raisesRole : React Native Engineer- 1-3 years of Experience in React Native based application development - Experience working with React.js JavaScript Framework- Strong Computer Science fundamentals with competencies in software design, data structures, and problem-solving- Expert knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, HTML and related web technologies- Expert knowledge of modern JavaScript and tooling (e.g., React, Redux, Node)- Hands-on experience on iOS or Android.- Thorough understanding of React Native development tools- Experience with API integration and development- Experience developing reusable components- Proven experience in understanding complex user needs with multiple stakeholders and providing practical solutions that can work in production

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Madhav Mohanthy
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Madhav Mohanthy
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Madhav Mohanthy
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