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Full Stack Developer

Founded 2012
6-50 employees
Raised funding
Object Oriented Programming (OOPs)
Data Structures
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2 - 3 years

Programming is really an extension of your life -­ it’s your hobby as well as your job. You’re keen to learn on-­the-­go and be willing to be stretched like never before. You’ll be comfortable with learning new languages and technologies. We'll support your learning to make you the best that you can be. You'll work directly with customers in India and Europe. You'll be responsible for making your own decisions and delivering on them. Essential Experience & Skills: 1. Proficiency in Python and Django 2. Secondary skills in another language, preferably static (e.g., C or Java) 3. Demonstrable OO knowledge 4. Possess knowledge of modern web and mobile UI/UX 5. A clean, clear style of programming 6. Superb thinking and analytical skills 7. A can-­do, let's-get-on-with-it approach 8. Use of at least one version control system (e.g., Git or Mercurial) Useful Experience: 1. Deliver best-­in-­class HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript 2. Develop and test across multiple browsers, platforms & devices including smartphones & tablets 3. Deep understanding of RESTful services 4. Good understanding of SQL and NoSQL databases 5. Hands-­on with Linux administration, or full-­stack expertise 6. An appreciation of open source software and how to contribute back 7. Experience in working with start-­up culture and scalable systems would be advantageous 8. Understanding of agile methodologies 9. Ability to change your processes to deliver the best possible outcome What we Offer: If you can write software to take agriculture to the next level, you’re in the right place. In return, we offer a competitive salary, a unique start-­up culture, a team with the best worldwide developers, opportunity to positively impact the lives of farmers globally and opportunity to travel to Cambridge, UK. About KisanHub Technologies: Based in Cambridge, United Kingdom, with a presence in Pune, India, KisanHub is helping drive a massive technology-driven shift in agriculture. KisanHub works at the intersection of precision agriculture, big data, cloud computing and mobile to deliver clear decision points to farmers and agri-­enterprises. KisanHub makes sense of disparate data to simplify complex decisions to make agriculture predictable and profitable. Visit www.kisanhub.com to learn more. Minimum Experience: 2-3 years (full-­time and post-­qualification)

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Job poster profile picture - Naveen Singh
Naveen Singh
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Job poster profile picture - Naveen Singh
Naveen Singh
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