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Kastech Software Solutions Careers
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Jobs at Kastech Software Solutions

L1/L2 Support Engineer
L1/L2 Support Engineer

Founded 2010
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Bengaluru (Bangalore)
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1 - 8 years
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Best in industry20000 - 100000 /month

Experience: - From 1 yr up to 8 years. Primary: - Excellent in English Communication 100% willingness to work in shifts on L1/L2 support project Location: Electronic city, Bangalore Hands-on with Linux/Unix Basics AND/OR L1/L2 support work Preferred Storage Domain experienced candidates . JD for Senior Role: [MANDATORY] 6 to 8 years of experience - Excellent Communication and analytical skills - Storage experience - Networking knowledge - one who can troubleshoot and identify issue related to DNS, Proxy server, firewall etc. [OPTIONAL] Storage 3PAR knowledge --------------------------------------------- [Job Description] This project will be 24*7 and would have three shifts. For each shift there will be a lead to perform the activities of: - Customer front-ending - team handling - tasks delegation and prioritization for team - escalation management - work load management - communicating with Client (HPE) and customer (HPE’s customer) Stakeholders - handling shift hand-overs.

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Pravalika Dachepally picture
Pravalika Dachepally
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Pravalika Dachepally picture
Pravalika Dachepally
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People hiring at Kastech Software Solutions

Pravalika Dachepally
Hiring at Kastech Software Solutions
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