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Kalpataru Limited Careers
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Jobs at Kalpataru Limited

Manager - Market Research
Manager - Market Research

Founded 1969
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3 - 8 years
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Best in industry7 - 16 lacs/annum

- To thoroughly understand the brand Kalpataru, product, competition, market and consumers related to the different projects of Kalpataru - Undertake key researches related to seek consumer insight for the different brands in different life cycle stages of the product - Prepare reports from market visits for different launches in the market for competition projects and share with S&M management team with key insights including the product recommendations, sales and marketing strategies, insights on pricing etc. - Work with reputed market research agencies for the different assignments - Lead key researches like Brand Health, Mystery Audit, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, vendor satisfaction surveys etc. through top notch research agencies and co-ordinate with various stakeholders across the organization - Analyse the consumer data through on ground activities during launches/activations, data analysis from customer reports etc. and help in key insights about the consumer - After every key launch do the loss order analysis study through a market research agency and share the report with senior management - Handle the entire award portfolio of Kalpataru, analyse award entries and be the custodian for Kalpataru awards including communication to customers, employees and other stakeholders - Corporate branding and communication related to corporate brochure, leaflets etc. to be managed. Be the custodian for the corporate facts, figures and guidelines and co-ordinate with various stakeholders for the same

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Hinal Nagda picture
Hinal Nagda
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Hinal Nagda
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People hiring at Kalpataru Limited

Hinal Nagda
Hiring at Kalpataru Limited
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