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Products & ServicesN/A


6-50 employeesN/A


Raised fundingN/A

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Founded 1999
Products and services
6-50 employees
Raised funding
Proven experience in digital marketing with organizations An understanding of brand positioning
brand strategies and demonstrated ability to carry this understanding into creating digital marketing campaigns Strong understanding of the digital landscape and an ability to leverage this understanding to support the brand objectives. Prior experience in digital agencies. Strong project management skills
and proven ability to manage and deliver multiple projects on time and within budget
at once.
Location icon
NCR (Delhi | Gurgaon | Noida)
Experience icon
0 - 4 years
Experience icon
0 - 0 lacs/annum

About InspireOne InspireOne is a leading HR training and consulting firm and a part of the three global networks: TMI Global, IBM and TACK UK. InspireOne helps companies across industries convert their human potential to organizational capability. We enable organizations improve business performance by developing their most valuable asset - their people. We offer comprehensive solutions in the areas of: • Leadership Assessment and Development • Productivity enhancement • Sales Management • Customer Service and Organizational Change What is unique about us? Our access to a rich global knowledge base, an ability to offer end-to-end people development solutions and an inspiring style of delivery. Our culture promotes continuous learning by providing challenging opportunities to foster career development. - Digital is a high priority area within the organization. - The organization wants to leverage digital space to drive both - leads generation and brand growth. We share a great excitement about the opportunity digital presents for us and hence seek a digital marketing consultant to convert this excitement to digital plans. • Preferably a freelance consultant working individually/ with a team • He/she will be an expert in digital marketing strategy, tools, and be connected with the digital marketing ecosystem. • He/she will be responsible for scaling up Digital Marketing. Also, he will be a change agent to drive adoption of digital marketing and new ways of leveraging it in order to transform the way the organization connects with its target customers.

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Job poster profile picture - Sreyansha Bhattacharya
Sreyansha Bhattacharya
Job posted by
Job poster profile picture - Sreyansha Bhattacharya
Sreyansha Bhattacharya
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Sreyansha Bhattacharya
Management Trainee at InspireOne (TMI, IBM, TACK)

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