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Payal Shah
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Product Designer

Founded 2004
Products and services
51-250 employees
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Dreamweaver
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2 - 4 years

What are we looking for? Someone who, - Keeps up with new trends/tools. Educates self, incorporating new ideas into the product. Shares learning (internal and out) for the public, company, or individual team benefit. - Knows what elements fit what needs, and has a strong sense for user expectations, flow, page attrition/conversion, etc. Can anticipate what will be intuitive, and has an eye for good design. - Understands emotional design, and what motivates user decisions (even when the user doesn’t). Shows empathy for the end user, strives to understand their needs, and can recognize and serve user segments with highly divergent needs. - Turns difficult problems and under-specified goals into achievable projects. Anticipates dependencies and needs of stakeholders (other teams, users, customers). Defines success and how it will be measured. Creates plans and road maps as needed. - Learns diverse technologies, techniques and topics out of curiosity. Dives deeper into known stacks. Uses learning to improve our code and processes. - Gets involved with recruiting process, such as outreach, screening and interviews. Takes an active interest in new hires and on boarding. Participates in mentoring programs, internally or externally. Works to educate non-technical teams. - Consistently coming up with new, useful ideas. Asks questions and fights status quo bias. Thinks independently. Creates new concept notes / scope docs and constructively participates in others’. Ideas may be expressed via many platforms, such as InVision, Balsamiq or Basecamp, etc. - Highly proficient at Design tools (Photoshop/Corel/Illustrator), Web Development tools (Dreamweaver/Atom), Prototyping tools (Invision, Macaw, Sketch, etc). Strong testing orientation. Consistently looking for ways to increase one’s own productivity and code quality/design quality, and those of the team. - Implements quickly and correctly. Demonstrates regular, incremental, and visible progress. Avoids coupling and over-architecting. Adjusts well to feedback and changing priorities. *Note: Iteration means tangible implementations and designs with which others can interact.* - Does what it takes to ensure a high-performance application (proactively and reactively). Takes an active and consistent interest in profiling and monitoring. Considers performance tuning part of the shipping process. - Has an understanding of products from a broader business perspective and applies that in creating new designs. - Analyze data, strategic thinking, consumer focus. # What will you do at Digicorp? - Understand and apply color theory, typography, white space, grid, basic Gestalt Principles, etc. in designs you create - Write clean and semantic CSS/LESS, Javascript and HTML; gain knowledge about existing frameworks and implement them where ever required - Choose and execute various art styles best suited for the nature of the project. - Conduct user research, create friendly and intuitive low/high fidelity UI mockups, write or suggest clear and concise copywriting. - Convey concepts, suggestions, and goals within and across teams. Proactively keep others up to date (peers, managers, stakeholders). - Articulate and persuade. Doesn’t “fall off the map”. Use tools (Trello, Basecamp, chat, calendar, email, docs etc.) effectively. - Effectively present and articulate your designs to internal team or outside users. - Create publicly-viewable artifacts intended for the benefit of others. Examples: participate on Stack sites, writes blog posts, contribute to open source or apps, speak at meetups or conferences.

Job posted by
Job poster profile picture - Payal Shah
Payal Shah
Job posted by
Job poster profile picture - Payal Shah
Payal Shah
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