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Datability Technologies Pvt Ltd Careers
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6-50 employeesN/A

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Jobs at Datability Technologies Pvt Ltd

Customer Success Manager

Founded 2016
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Noida, NCR (Delhi | Gurgaon | Noida)
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1 - 5 years
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Best in industry7 - 12 lacs/annum

Customer Success Managers work closely with the sales and onboarding team to ensure that customers are able to adopt the platform and utilize it fully to extract the maximum possible business value. CSMs are responsible for driving product adoption, customer satisfaction ( not limited to NPS ), product ROI, and retention. This customer facing role is crucial in building everlasting relationships with the customer, which sits at the core for us an organization. What do we do as a business iZooto helps e-commerce businesses and publishers generate traffic and sales using browser notifications. Over 15,000 businesses use iZooto to push over 10B notifications. Every month. Our customers love us. And they do so because our customer success team walks the mile and beyond to ensure that they get maximum bang for their buck. Some of the largest brands in the world trust iZooto - Adidas, Telefonica, Tencent. And they trust the brand because the best customer success team in the business is vested in their growth story. CSMs work closely with their counterparts to ensure that every time a notification is delivered, our customers move towards their bigger objective - Delightful experience. You will be expected to: - Build a deep understanding of marketing automation and web push notification as a communication channel. Over time, you would build your authority in the industry and establish yourself as a thought leader - Understand customer pain points, their marketing goals, and outline the best possible solutions using iZooto - Collaborate with product, partner development, and marketing teams to build and drive product messaging across your portfolio customers. - Develop and execute ‘success plans’ including shared goals and performance metrics in coordination with your customer's counterpart to help customers get maximum bang for their buck - Track product adoption to identify churn risk and work proactively with the product and sales teams - Continuously scout for new use cases and build deeper integration with customer’s marketing stack - Identifying and building upon upselling opportunities - Set up a feedback channel for product and product marketing teams You Will Own These Metrics Each team and individual at iZooto owns a set of metrics. Efficacy and efficiency of the team are measured by tracking pre-defined metrics. Each Customer Success Manager is responsible for their portfolio of customers. Over a period of time, you will work towards improving these key metrics - - Net Negative - Revenue Churn - Logo Churn Must Have: - 2+ years of customer facing experience - preferably as a customer success manager, professional services consultant, account manager, pre/post sale engineer or product manager - Strong understanding of digital marketing including concepts, practices, and tools - Well-founded technical orientation - effectively communicate with software developers using domain concepts and terminology - “True Hustler” - strong team operator who plays well with others, and thrives in a rapidly evolving, dynamic and high-pressure environment. Good To Have: - Proven experience working for a Software-as-a-Service(SaaS) product - particularly those who have worked in the mobile ecosystem (MarTech, AdTech) - Demonstrated expertise working for a digital marketing agency, advertising network/exchange or as an online media buyer/campaign manager - Proficiency in Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Ad Manager and working with other digital marketing systems our customers use

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Vivek Khandelwal picture
Vivek Khandelwal
Job posted by
Vivek Khandelwal picture
Vivek Khandelwal
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People hiring at Datability Technologies Pvt Ltd

Vivek Khandelwal
Hiring at Datability Technologies Pvt Ltd
Shrikant Kale
Neel Kothari
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