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Meenarul Mazumdar
Project Coordinator at CMS Info Systems Ltd
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Founded 2009
250+ employees
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Team Management
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3 - 7 years

• Site acquisition of ATM • Communicate with Banks and local head office • Submit & Collect new ATM orders • Collect CDM/ RECYCLERs order from banks • Uptime and downtime ATM operations • Maintenance of ATM , UPS ,AC ,ATM vendors • Bill process of ATMs and ATM Vendors • Cash audit and assess audit of ATM /CDM. • Follow-up house keeping of ATM / CDM • Follow-up with site engineer of ATMs, UPS, AC and call log in site issues with service helpdesk • Daily basis data maintenance and the report submit of delivery, installation of UPS, AC & ATMs • Receive materials from Vendors, Out Locations. • Follow up and collect signed Docs on top priority. • Monthly physical verification of the stock, stock reconciliation, reports • Follow up and collection of materials Issued on standby /demo basis. • Buy Back Machine Collection Coordination/Reports: • Submit the bills to Customer, follow up payment collection • Follow up for Installation Certificate from Installation Team • Follow up for SCR Certificate from the TIS Team • Follow up for Exhibit from Installation Team if bank dependency

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Job poster profile picture - Meenarul Mazumdar
Meenarul Mazumdar
Job posted by
Job poster profile picture - Meenarul Mazumdar
Meenarul Mazumdar
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