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Data ETL Engineer

Founded 2013
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1 - 3 years
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Best in industry5 - 12 lacs/annum

Responsibilities: Design and develop ETL Framework and Data Pipelines in Python 3. Orchestrate complex data flows from various data sources (like RDBMS, REST API, etc) to the data warehouse and vice versa. Develop app modules (in Django) for enhanced ETL monitoring. Device technical strategies for making data seamlessly available to BI and Data Sciences teams. Collaborate with engineering, marketing, sales, and finance teams across the organization and help Chargebee develop complete data solutions. Serve as a subject-matter expert for available data elements and analytic capabilities. Qualification: Expert programming skills with the ability to write clean and well-designed code. Expertise in Python, with knowledge of at least one Python web framework. Strong SQL Knowledge, and high proficiency in writing advanced SQLs. Hands on experience in modeling relational databases. Experience integrating with third-party platforms is an added advantage. Genuine curiosity, proven problem-solving ability, and a passion for programming and data.

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Vinothini Sundaram
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Vinothini Sundaram
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Sanjay Sudhakar
Hiring at Chargebee
Joe Daniel
Hiring at Chargebee
Vinothini Sundaram
Hiring at Chargebee
Vasudevan Murugesan
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