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Anurina .
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Software Engineer

Founded 2010
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250+ employees
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Data Structures
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Bengaluru (Bangalore)
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0 - 1 years

Chai Point is a popular fast growing F&B brand in India which is powered by technology at its core. Chai Point has connected its stores and suppliers using Shark - an in house developed cloud based automation platform. Chai Point pioneered in building a cloud based platform boxC.in which uses Internet of Things to efficiently manage Tea / Coffee / other beverages at its corporate clients. Chai Point has been the early adopter of Serverless Technologies using AWS Lambda which allows team to build highly scalable Micro Services which are easy to maintain. We are looking to hire Trainee Software Engineer to play a critical role in further enhancing our technology innovations and take them to the next level. You will play a pivotal role in building Chai Point’s next generation systems which will allow all business units and functions in Chai Point to work efficiently and give the best retail / online experience to Chai Point users. These systems will power the world's fastest growing largest and fastest growing Chai retail chain brand. Stream: IT / Computer Science Degree: BE / BTech / MTech / MS Skills: Good understanding of Data Structure and Algorithms. Sound understanding of operating systems, database management systems and related technologies. You should have good hands on programming experience with Java / JEE or any other Object Oriented Language (C++, C# etc) in your college projects. Good exposure to OOAD concepts and OOPs principles. Expectations: As a Trainee Software Engineer at Chai Point you will be expected to:  Adapt to a dynamic work environment.  Study and understand the product specifications thoroughly to design appropriate software solutions.  Be keen to learn new technologies for solving interesting business problems.  Develop code using industry best practices with good time and space complexities wherever applicable. Your code should be readable and easily understandable by your peers.  Develop JUnit test cases with good code coverage.  Optimize code and database queries to meet scaling needs.  Work with leading technologies like IoT, Spring Framework, AWS Lambda, AWS API Gateway, MySQL, AWS CloudFormation, AWS DynamoDB, AWS ElastiCache, Git, Jira and Jenkins among many others.  Work with independence and show ownership of tasks.

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Anurina .
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Job poster profile picture - Anurina .
Anurina .
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