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Brdgespan Careers
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Jobs at Brdgespan

Software Developer
Software Developer

Founded 2016
Products and services{{j_company_types[3 - 1]}}
{{j_company_sizes[3 - 1]}} employees
{{j_company_stages[3 - 1]}}
{{rendered_skills_map[skill] || skill}}
Location icon
NCR (Delhi | Gurgaon | Noida)
Experience icon
3 - 7 years
Salary icon
Best in industry{{renderSalaryString({min: 300000, max: 700000, duration: "undefined", currency: "INR", equity: false})}}

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Priti Singh picture
Priti Singh
Job posted by
Priti Singh picture
Priti Singh
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People hiring at Brdgespan

Priti Singh
Hiring at Brdgespan
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