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Nivaata Systems Pvt Ltd.
51-250 employees
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<div class="basic-info-description"> <p>Nivaata Systems Pvt. Ltd. (Nivaata), headquartered in Bangalore, was founded by Sriram Kannan (ex-Texas Instruments Japan) in 2007 as an R&amp;D partner for Texas Instruments. In the initial years Nivaata, as an R&amp;D focused organization, made significant investments in generating IP in the areas of non-GPS tracking, power optimization and route planning. In 2010, Nivaata registered a Patent for a non-GPS based tracking technology (PACCT). Subsequently Nivaata raised venture capital from leading investors and the company pivoted from being an R&amp;D partner for Texas Instruments to an India focused enterprise mobility solution provider. In 2012, based on this patent, Nivaata Systems launched the Verayu mobile based tracking application and also a proprietary hardware vehicle tracking device called Yantra. In 2013, Nivaata Systems launched Routematic as a cloud based end-to-end employee transport management software (www.routematic.com). Within 18 months of taking the product to market, Nivaata has established itself as a leading provider of employee transportation automation solutions. In 2015, Nivaata Systems launched FieldView as a cloud based end-to-end field resource management software. Within 18 months of taking the product to market, Nivaata has established itself as a leading provider of field force management. Nivaata&rsquo;s strong focus on continuous innovation is reflected in the 6 technology patents and 1 design patent which are part of Routematic. All hardware and software components in Routematic are designed and manufactured by Nivaata thereby ensuring total quality and process control and fast response time.</p> </div> <div class="basic-info-about"> <div class="specialties"> <h3>Specialties</h3> <p>Tracking &amp; Routing Technology (GPS, non-GPS), Transport Automation, Mobile Workforce Management, Logistics &amp; Distribution Planning, Locations-as-a-Service Platform, E commerce Delivery Management Solution</p> </div> </div>
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