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Senior MERN stack developers
Senior MERN stack developers
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Senior MERN stack developers

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Posted by Anju John
4 - 6 yrs
₹15L - ₹18L / yr
Remote only
MERN Stack
skill iconjQuery
skill iconBootstrap
skill iconHTML/CSS
skill iconJavascript
skill iconMongoDB
skill iconElastic Search
skill iconReact.js
skill iconExpress
skill iconNodeJS (Node.js)

Seeking a senior, dynamic, highly motivated full stack developer interested in working for a very early stage bootstrap startup. We have a Beta/MVP live, but need to get bug free and fast ASAP. The position has pay commensurate with local salaries in low-cost countries but will earn equity equivalent to their salary which could be worth up to more than that when the company is successful. I can show you our assumptions and estimates once you sign an NDA).

About Us
We are a company dedicated to helping people find the food they love, no matter what food interests or dietary preferences they may have. You’ll be joining in the very early stages of the company, and have the chance to influence the direction of the company with your ideas and contributions.


Our Tech Stack (Front End):

  • JQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • EJS templates
  • HTML/CSS All new modules
  • js with a team-maintained and crowd-sourced component library Middleware/Back end.
  • Express
  • js
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL
  • API layer
  • Elastic Search


Desired attributes:

  • Enjoys iterative/agile development – We will iterate based on internal and customer feedback until we make an awesome product! We also have a very deep and compelling product roadmap we make consistent progress against.
  • Works well collaboratively with other developers, contributing to the codebase, performing code reviews, and mentoring a team of junior developers. We have a lot of junior developers learning to code that need mentorship/leadership.
  • A passion for food would be great, our business is to help pair people up with amazingly good food.
  • Results-oriented


  • Ability to build on and maintain a fully functional responsive web application
  • Experience building API-driven applications


  • CS Degree is great but development skills are more important than degrees
  • Ability to build and maintain a fully responsive website
  • Prefer proficiency in our tech stack, but willing to teach people who are highly motivated and can spend significant time on the project for equity.
  • GitHub or similar source code management system experience
  • Nice to have: Experience developing customer-facing web applications
At least 5 years as a developer, at least 2 with each technology in our tech stack (except Elastic Search, if you know that or at least want to learn it - I have people who can teach you - it’s a bonus!)
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Subodh Popalwar

Software Engineer, Memorres
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About Surplushandsva

Founded :
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Similar jobs

at Softway
1 recruiter
Neethi Gnanakan
Posted by Neethi Gnanakan
Remote only
2 - 5 yrs
₹10L - ₹15L / yr
skill iconJavascript
skill iconVue.js
skill iconAngularJS (1.x)
skill iconReact.js
skill iconAngular (2+)
+6 more


Who are we looking for ? 

A Fullstack JavaScript Engineer ( Javascript/HTML/CSS) , who is adept at creating visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces for websites, web applications, and other digital products. Their primary focus is on the front-end development, which involves translating design mockups and wireframes into interactive and functional web interfaces. The UI Developer plays a crucial role in ensuring a positive user experience and engaging user interface design. You will join a dynamic and fast-paced environment and work with cross-functional teams to design, build and roll-out products that deliver the company’s vision and strategy. 

A true-blue Engineer at heart, who constantly evolves and is on a continuous learning drive, experimenting and finding solutions to challenges. Openness to explore different technologies and focused on solving, keeping the big picture in mind.

Details of the position: 

Title: Software Engineer II

Portfolio: Modernizing Technology & Operations (MTO)

Department: Technology Services

 Vision of the portfolio

The Modernizing Technology & Operations (MTO) portfolio is the driving force behind transformative change for our clients, leading the charge in modernizing technology to elevate our client’s businesses to new heights of success. With a relentless commitment to innovation and excellence, we empower our clients to upgrade, enhance or replace their technology infrastructure, architecture, systems and applications to operate more efficiently, and embrace the latest advancements to stay ahead in their industries. By leveraging a blend of existing and cutting-edge technologies, we catalyze organizational transformation, delivering measurable results and positioning our clients for sustained growth and competitiveness in today's rapidly evolving world.

Key Responsibilities and Duties:

Specialization & Work Product:You will take on more complex tasks and actively contribute to architectural decisions. Your expertise will extend beyond just implementing features to optimizing performance, ensuring scalability, and enhancing maintainability. You'll collaborate closely with cross-functional teams to translate business requirements into technical solutions and your code will be of higher quality.

Teamwork & Collaboration:You'll play a more significant role in fostering teamwork and collaboration within the team. You'll collaborate closely with your team members to achieve project goals, translate their visual designs and wireframes into interactive and functional web interfacesYou'll actively engage with stakeholders to gather requirements and provide regular updates on project progress. You'll collaborate effectively with team members from different disciplines, such as project management, creative services etc., to ensure alignment and smooth project execution. Your ability to communicate and work collaboratively will contribute to the overall success of the team and the project..

Project Roles: You'll take on more significant & diverse project roles, such as leading the development of entire features or subsystems. You'll collaborate with project managers to define project scope, objectives, and deliverables. You'll be responsible for ensuring the successful completion of project tasks, including coordinating with other team members and resolving any issues or dependencies. Your project roles will contribute directly to the achievement of project milestones and goals.

System Design: You'll be an active contributor in system design, architectural discussions and proposing design solutions for new features or enhancements. You'll work closely with consultants and fellow engineers to ensure that designs align with overall system architecture and scalability requirements. Your system design skills will be crucial in shaping the future evolution and growth of the solution..

Learning & Development: You'll take ownership of your learning and development journey, seeking out opportunities to expand your technical expertise and skills. You'll actively participate in training programs, workshops, and conferences to stay abreast of industry trends and best practices. You'll mentor engineers and share your knowledge and experiences to foster a culture of continuous learning and development within your projects and portfolio.

Sales, Account Development & Client Engagement: You'll have increased opportunities for client engagement, such as participating in requirement gathering workshops or presenting technical solutions to clients. You'll actively listen to client feedback, understand their needs, and collaborate with cross-functional teams to deliver solutions that exceed client expectations. Your ability to build rapport with clients and communicate technical concepts effectively will contribute to successful project outcomes.

Solution Design & Architecture: You'll take on a more active role in solution design and architecture, contributing to architectural discussions and proposing design solutions for new features or enhancements. You'll work closely with a wide array of functional teams and personnel across various roles to ensure that designs align with overall system architecture and scalability requirements. Your solution design skills will be crucial in shaping the future evolution and growth of the software platform.

Communication:You'll communicate with a broader audience, including stakeholders, clients, and cross-functional teams. You'll present technical solutions, provide project updates, and engage in discussions to resolve issues or make decisions. You'll adapt your communication style to suit different audiences, conveying complex technical concepts in a clear and concise manner. Your ability to articulate ideas and build consensus will contribute to effective collaboration and project success.

Innovation, Experimentation & Improvement: You'll take on a more active role in driving innovation within the team and the organization. You'll identify areas for improvement and propose innovative solutions to address business needs or technical challenges. You'll lead by example in experimenting with new technologies and methodologies, evaluating their feasibility and potential impact. Your innovative mindset will inspire others to think creatively and explore new opportunities for growth and improvement.

Thought Leadership: You'll begin to contribute insights and perspectives to engineering discussions and decision-making processes. You'll share your software engineering knowledge and experiences with your peers and seek opportunities to learn from others. Your enthusiasm for learning and willingness to challenge the status quo will inspire others and contribute to a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

Mentorship & Development: You'll provide guidance and support to team members within your portfolio. You'll share your experiences and insights with them, helping them develop their technical skills and professional competencies. You'll foster a culture of mentorship within the team, where knowledge and expertise are freely exchanged, and everyone has the opportunity to learn and grow. Your mentorship will be instrumental in shaping the future leaders of the organization.

Portfolio Capability Growth: You'll continue to build a rich and personal list of successfully completed projects that demonstrates your expertise and accomplishments. You'll take on challenging assignments that stretch your capabilities and allow you to showcase your growth, ability to lead projects, and your problem-solving skills. You'll actively seek opportunities for career advancement and professional development, leveraging your past and present project work to position yourself other opportunities & positions within the organization.

Culture & Strategic Initiatives: Within your project teams, the portfolio and the wider Softway organization, you'll support and foster Softway’s culture by living out Softway’s values, principles and behaviors.

Skills and Qualifications:

Proficiency in cloud computing principles and infrastructure technology, with hands-on experience across various cloud platforms including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and other cloud service providers.

Strong grasp of networking concepts, including advanced understanding of IP addressing, DNS, and routing protocols.

Demonstrated ability to troubleshoot and resolve complex infrastructure issues, such as optimizing server configurations and diagnosing network connectivity problems.

Comprehensive understanding of customer operations and workflows, with a proven track record of identifying pain points and implementing solutions for process improvement.Advanced understanding of immersive technologies such as AR, VR, and mixed reality, and their application in creating digital and physical showroom experiences.


  • Strong coding skills in HTML/CSS/JavaScript essential for building interactive and responsive user interfaces
  • Proficient in design tools like Figma, Adobe XD or Sketch
  • Extensive knowledge of SCSS/SASS pre-processor and CSS Variables 
  • Implemented solutions using design systems or CSS libraries- Tailwind CSS, Material UI or Bootstrap
  • Strong understanding of User Experience (UX) principles to develop wireframes and prototypes and ensuring the UI aligns with user needs and expectations
  • Strong understanding of User Experience (UX) principles to develop wireframes and prototypes and ensuring the UI aligns with user needs and expectations
  • Streamline the development process and enhance code reusability with front-end frameworks and libraries like React, Angular or Vue.js
  • Experience with State Management tools like Redux, React-Query, MobX, Zustand
  • Proficient in building reusable components and front-end libraries for future use
  • Proficient in interaction design, including animations, micro-interactions, and transitions, to create engaging and user-friendly web interfaces
  • Prior experience with CMS tools like Hubspot, Sitefinity or Wordpress/Joomla is essential
  • Strong understanding of responsive design principles, mobile-first development, cross-browser, and cross-os compatibility
  • Proficient in API consumption and knowledge of API creation to enable seamless integration of web applications
  • Experienced with version control systems such as GIT 
  • Good understanding of developer tools
  • Understanding of tools like speedcurve, lighthouse, webpagetest for web performance optimization

Understanding of Technology Frameworks

Common Technologies: Proficiency in common technologies relevant to Modernizing Tech & operations, including but not limited to:

Cloud Platforms

AWS (Advanced services: EKS, Lambda, CloudFormation)

Azure (Advanced services: AKS, Azure Functions, ARM Templates)

Google Cloud Platform (Advanced services: GKE, Cloud Functions, Cloud Deployment Manager)

Networking and Infrastructure

Advanced TCP/IP, DNS, VLANs, VPNs

BGP, OSPF, Advanced SDN

Network security practices

Programming Languages

Python (Advanced scripting, automation)

JavaScript/Node.js (Complex backend services, serverless architectures)

PowerShell/Bash (Advanced automation, server management)

In Person Meetings & Travel Expectations:

In-Person Team Meetings: Regular attendance for in-person team meetings is required. 

Company Meetings / Retreats: Attendance for all Company-wide Meetings and/or Retreats is mandatory.

Client Visits: Occasional travel for client visits may be necessary. Travel frequency will depend on client requirements and or international travel laws / restrictions.

International Collaboration (India & US): Willingness to travel to India and/or US as requested to collaborate with cross-functional teams is required. 

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at codersbrain
1 recruiter
Tanuj Uppal
Posted by Tanuj Uppal
Bengaluru (Bangalore)
3 - 5 yrs
₹2L - ₹17L / yr
skill iconReact.js
skill iconJavascript
skill iconRedux/Flux
JD for React Developer – 5+ Years, Bangalore – Immediate to 30 Days Joiners.

● Build UIs and APIs using modern tools such as ReactJS, TypeScript, CSS, CSS-in-JS, Redux.

● Deliver high-quality, well-tested code

● Experienced with modern JavaScript coding, testing, debugging and automation techniques

● Enjoy building user-friendly, data-rich JavaScript/HTML/CSS applications

● Excellent analytical, problem-solving, and troubleshooting skills

● Great communication skills
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at Reqroots
7 recruiters
Dhanalakshmi D
Posted by Dhanalakshmi D
Bengaluru (Bangalore)
4 - 7 yrs
₹5L - ₹15L / yr
skill iconAngularJS (1.x)
skill iconAngular (2+)
skill iconC#
skill iconJavascript
+2 more


We are looking "Senior Software Engineer - Angular " for Reputed Client @ Permanent Role.

• Experience: 4 - 7 yrs

Primary Skills

•4+ years experience in C#

•Minimum 2-3 years of experience in Angular 8 (2+) version with Type Script and JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 and dotnet core

•Minimum 2-3 years of experience with Web API, Entity Frame work and Linq Queries

•Must have a good exposure on query writing and DB management for writing stored procedures/ user-defined functions

•Should be able to understand the Functional Specifications and Technical Specifications and develop the application as per the specification provided.

Secondary Skills

•Minimum 1-3 years of experience on UI development using Bootstrap and Responsive Pages

•Should have a solid understanding of the SDLC processes (Design, Construction, Testing, Deployment)

•Test Driven development using Nunit, Jasmine and Protractor

•Proven experience of delivering on-time and with quality

•Should have good unit testing skills to review his own development and identify all the defects and get it fixed before releasing the code

Desired Skills

•Should have experience in developing ERP applications or Database Intensive Data Entry applications.

•Been on a support role for a period of 2 years or more

•Hands on experience of configuration management and version maintenance

•Prior experience of working in the shipping domain

•Hand on experience in writing technical specifications

•Should have skills to quickly learn the Business Process and understand the overall project scope.

•Full stack developers with experience in Developing products with Angular and C# APIs, from ground-up will be a plus.

Location : Bangalore

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Health Care Company
Agency job
via Jobdost by Sathish Kumar
3 - 10 yrs
₹5L - ₹15L / yr
skill iconReact.js
skill iconHTML/CSS
1) 3+ years of experience as frontend developer.
2) Skill required: ReactJs, HTML5, CSS3

Responsibilities :
- Develop new user-facing features
- Build reusable code and libraries for future use
- Ensure the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs
- Optimize application for maximum speed and scalability
- Assure that all user input is validated before submitting to the back-end
- Collaborate with other team members. 
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60 Decibels
at 60 Decibels
2 recruiters
Ruth Mesude
Posted by Ruth Mesude
Bengaluru (Bangalore)
4 - 7 yrs
₹30L - ₹45L / yr
skill iconReact.js
skill iconJavascript
skill iconRedux/Flux
skill iconHTML/CSS
+3 more

60 Decibels is a tech-powered impact measurement company that makes it easy to listen to the people who matter most. We've been in business as an independent entity since early 2019, when we spun out of the global Impact Investor Acumen.

We believe that the best way to understand social impact is by talking to the people experiencing that impact. It sounds obvious when you say it, but that is not the typical practice for many impact investors, corporations and foundations working to create social change. 

We collect social impact data directly from beneficiaries (customers / employees / suppliers) using our network of 1000+ trained research assistants in 75+ countries. We do it quickly and without the fuss typically associated with measuring social impact. Our research assistants speak directly to customers to understand their lived experience; and our team turns all this data into benchmarked social performance reports, with accompanying insights, to help our clients demonstrate and improve social performance. 

By making impact measurement simple, scalable, and comparable, we not only enable organizations to improve their products and services; we also help transform what it means to credibly measure impact, ensuring that the voices of those who matter most are always part of the story.

About the role: 

You’ll be an early engineer in a newly formed engineering team. This is a unique opportunity for you to learn, build, demonstrate, and subsequently own diverse components of our tech stack and evolve as we scale our business. As a core engineer in a small team, the role demands a high degree of self-drive and ownership, on a path to achieving outsized impact.

Your Primary Responsibility Will Be:

1) To advance our Integrated Data Capture And Insights Platform

2) To advance our web-based consumer products

In this role, you will:

  • Work with a diverse multidisciplinary team across Engineering, Product & Operations, to translate product specs into clean, functional, production-ready code.
  • Participate actively in defining of the systems architecture vision to better support our team’s needs
  • Grow our technical capacity by mentoring other engineers and interviewing candidates
  • Collaborate with team members to identify systems, practices & technologies that suit our needs the best
  • Seek, learn, adopt and advocate industry best practices. Contribute towards the engineering culture
  • Troubleshooting coding problems quickly and efficiently to ensure a productive workplace

About You: First and foremost, you bring compassion and dedication to this work because it matters to you.

You are a pragmatic and product-driven engineer who is interested in solving user problems and delivering value while taking into account tradeoffs between Business and Tech. You have a bias towards action: you get your hands dirty and actively tackle problems in a way that leads to the best outcomes and brings teams together. You successfully balance flexibility and rigour, using informed judgment to make decisions. You model critical thinking and introspection, taking strategic risks and growing from mistakes. You are decisive and bold, have a growth mindset, are an excellent communicator, and know the value of being a part of an effective team

Minimum Qualification:

  • 4+ years of experience in software engineering building SaaS platforms & products, particularly frontend development
  • Strong proficiency in JavaScript/TypeScript (ES6+), HTML, CSS and React. Working knowledge of other frameworks is desirable.
  • Proficient in software design, modularity, testability and software quality
  • Fast self-learner, with the willingness & interest to learn new technologies, languages & frameworks
  • Strong problem-solving and decision-making skills

Additional desired qualifications:

  • 4-7 years of overall experience in software engineering either as a Frontend engineer or a Fullstack engineer, with significant frontend experience
  • Deep understanding of integrating with a variety of backends and APIs (ReST, GraphQL). Experience with node/Python/RubyOnRails is desirable
  • Strong flair for usability, consistency, and balancing aesthetics with functional design.
  • Experience working with data-intensive applications and data-visualisation libraries such as Chart.js, and D3.js is desirable
  • Expertise in building debugging, improving the performance of web applications

Working with 60 Decibels

We are a fun, international and highly-motivated team who believes that team members should have the opportunity to expand their skills and career in a supportive environment. We offer a competitive salary, the opportunity to work flexibly and in a fun, supportive working environment. If this sounds like the role for you, get in touch!

60 Decibels is deeply committed to having a workplace that is inclusive and anti-discriminatory. We believe that our team must embody the compassion, listening, and sense of shared humanity that is so central to our goal as an organization. We are proud to be an Equal Opportunity employer and do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation age, marital status, veteran status, or disability.

As a growing company, we are building towards a more universally accessible workplace for our employees. At this time, we do use some cloud-based technologies that are not compatible with screen readers and other assistive devices. We would be happy to discuss accessibility at 60 Decibels in greater depth during the recruitment process.

 About our team and our culture: we are a fun and hardworking global team that is full of smart, mission-driven folks who combine an entrepreneurial spirit with a commitment to make a positive change in the world.  

We consistently hear from our clients that the best thing about 60 Decibels is the people. To get a feel for our slightly nerdy, not-take-ourselves-too-seriously vibe, check out our monthly newsletter, The Volume.

Compensation: 60 Decibels offers a competitive salary and benefits package and the opportunity to work in a flexible, fun and supportive environment. The salary range will be adjusted according to costs of living in our country offices. 

Extra Perks: We have an unlimited leave policy and 12 monthly recharge days, on the first Friday of each month. We are a globally distributed team and we give team members opportunities to cross-pollinate and visit our different offices. 

Want to get to know us a little better?

> Sign up to receive The Volume, our monthly collection of things worth reading.

> Visit our website at

> Read about our team values here. 

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Dhwani Rural Information Systems
Sunandan Madan
Posted by Sunandan Madan
1 - 3 yrs
₹3L - ₹10L / yr
skill iconHTML/CSS
skill iconBootstrap
Material Design
User Interface (UI) Development
User Experience (UX) Design
+3 more
Job Overview:
UI/UX Designer responsibilities include gathering user requirements, designing graphic elements and building navigation components. To be    successful in this role, you should have experience with design
software and wireframe tools. If you also have a portfolio of professional design projects that includes work with web/mobile applications, we’d like to meet you.
Scope of Work:
• You will mainly be responsible for developing the frontend side of the web application and enhancing
the user experience through high-level transitions & animations.
• Combine interface design concepts with digital design and establish milestones to encourage
cooperation and teamwork
• Develop overall concepts for improving the user experience within a business webpage or product,
ensuring all interactions are intuitive and convenient for customers
• Collaborate with back-end web developers and programmers to improve the usability
• Work with other developers to ensure that the website is functional and visually appealing.
• Plan the layout of the website.
• Ensure that the website is optimized for various devices.
• Use analytics to test client enjoyment.
• Stay up-to-date on emerging technologies

Essential Requirements:
• Advanced understanding of UI Design patterns and UI Architecture Paradigms
• Expertise in Responsive Web Design and Adaptive Web Designing.
• Solid hands on experience of browser fundamentals, HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript
• Understanding of commonly used frameworks and libraries such as Yii2, Angular, React, Material UI,
bootstrap, high charts, ChartJS and D3

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Oddr Inc
Remote, Pune
5 - 10 yrs
₹15L - ₹45L / yr
skill iconReact.js
skill iconJavascript

Oddr is looking for an experienced senior frontend engineer to help us build modern web-based Cloud applications. The ideal candidate should be able to bring new ideas to the table and design and implement the frontend architecture with a strong emphasis on its robustness, testability, re-usability, performance, and ease of maintenance. As a senior engineer, the candidate should be able and willing to mentor and guide fellow team members as the team scales and grows. The candidate should demonstrate leadership qualities, be a self-motivated team player, and take pride in what they deliver.


The candidate should be interested in a long-term stable career to grow with our company. The candidate will need to work late night hours because of the geographic distribution of the team.


Technical Requirements:

  • Strong proficiency in React.js and its core principles
  • Solid understanding of JavaScript/TypeScript, CSS, HTML, and other standard frontend technologies and tools
  • Experience with frontend test automation frameworks and tools
  • Familiarity with RESTful APIs
  • Experience with modern authorization techniques like JWT
  • Experience with monitoring and improving frontend performance
  • General understanding and knowledge of the UI/UX best practices
  • Ability to write clean, well-structured code with proper abstraction and re-usability
  • Ability to work to tight deadlines, manage priorities, and take responsibility for delivering to time and quality requirements
  • Ability to understand business requirements and translate them into technical requirements
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent problem-solving skills


Minimum qualifications required:

  • Bachelor's degree or relevant certification from a reputable institute.
  • 5 years of experience with at least 2 years of building enterprise applications using React.js in recent projects.
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at BooksApp
2 recruiters
Veerendra Kumar
Posted by Veerendra Kumar
Bengaluru (Bangalore)
2 - 4 yrs
₹8L - ₹14L / yr
skill iconReact.js
skill iconJavascript
skill iconRedux/Flux
[ CTC is Flexible and at Par with Industry Standards]
We are looking for a react.js developer to join our front-end development team. In this role, you will be responsible for developing and implementing user interface components using React.js concepts and workflows such as Redux, Flux, and Webpack. You will also be responsible for profiling and improving front-end performance and documenting our front-end codebase.

  • Reviewing application requirements and interface designs.
  • Identifying web-based user interactions.
  • Developing and implementing highly responsive user interface components using react concepts.
  • Writing application interface codes using JavaScript following react.js workflows.
  • Troubleshooting interface software and debugging application codes.
  • Developing and implementing front-end architecture to support user interface concepts.
  • Monitoring and improving front-end performance.
  • Documenting application changes and developing updates.
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at Bluespacelabs
2 recruiters
Rashmi Venugopal
Posted by Rashmi Venugopal
Remote only
5 - 8 yrs
₹5L - ₹13L / yr
skill iconReact.js
skill iconRedux/Flux
User Interface (UI) Design
User Interface (UI) Development
Job Id: BSL-2021-013
Role: Senior React JS Developer

  • Thorough understanding of React.js, React DOM and its core principles
  • Experience in State Management Frameworks like Redux.
  • Experience in developing cross-browser/platform compatible solutions for web.
  • Experience of backend integrating with RESTful services.
  • DOM manipulation and the JavaScript object model.
  • In-depth knowledge of newer specifications of TypeScript, ES6,HTML 5,CSS 3.
  • Must be familiar libraries like Material UI, Formik.
  • Experience in Micro Front End architecture with Webpack Module Module Federation to combine multiple domain driven web apps on the same page without refreshing the page.
  • Experience in different approaches on orchestration of Micro-apps of Client Side composition.
  • Experience with package manager like npm,yearn.
  • Experience with tools/packages like Visual Studio Code,ES Lint,SonarQube,Keycloak.
  • Good understanding on Unit testing framework - Jest/ enzyme.

Location: Remote Working

** Preference will be given to immediate joinee

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Eunimart Multichannel Pvt Ltd
at Eunimart Multichannel Pvt Ltd
1 video
3 recruiters
HR Eunimart
Posted by HR Eunimart
2 - 4 yrs
₹6L - ₹10L / yr
skill iconJavascript
skill iconAngular (2+)
skill iconHTML/CSS
skill iconBootstrap
+8 more

Role: Senior UI Developer 

We are looking for talented front-end developers who can help us in enabling our users and to deliver excellent experiences to end users. The role of a front-end developer in our teams is crucial in realizing our design ideas. We are looking for developers who can contribute in building the best-in-class digital experiences through the right use of frameworks, technologies and code.

Design and Develop web applications using front-end technologies like Angular 8+, Typescript, CSS, JS, HTML and many more.

Implement applications that have high standards of quality and the best of the performance. The candidate primary focus will be to implement a complete user interface desktop web app, with a focus on performance. Translate UX / UI designs from our design teams into high quality code without any loss in translation Design and implement optimized components, modules and applications using best practices of front- end development and clean coding standards. Work closely with backend 

development teams on API design and integration.

Experience and Qualification:

  • 3 years of experience in front-end development of web applications. 
  • Frameworks: Angular 8+, Typescript, CSS, JS, HTML 
  • Experience in react js, jQuery and backend stacks will be an advantage
  • B. Tech


  • Delivering a complete front-end application
  • Coordinating the workflow between the graphic designer, the HTML coder, and yourself
  • Cooperating with the back-end developer in the process of building the RESTful API
  • Communicating with external web services

Key Skills:

  • Strong proficiency in Angular 8+, Typescript, JavaScript.
  • Strong skills in HTML, CSS and any other CSS Frameworks.
  • Thorough understanding of any front-end frameworks like React, Angular or any other along with its core principles
  • Experience with data structure libraries, state managements, functional / reactive programming.
  • Familiarity with newer specifications of ES6.
  • Experience with RESTful APIs integration
  • Knowledge of modern authorization mechanisms, such as JSON Web Token
  • Familiarity with modern front-end build pipelines and tools
  • Experience with common front-end development tools such as Babel, Webpack, NPM, etc.
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Subodh Popalwar

Software Engineer, Memorres
For 2 years, I had trouble finding a company with good work culture and a role that will help me grow in my career. Soon after I started using Cutshort, I had access to information about the work culture, compensation and what each company was clearly offering.
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