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Bhaswat Agarwal
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Bikash Dash
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UI Developer

Founded 2015
6-50 employees
Raised funding
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NCR (Delhi | Gurgaon | Noida)
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1 - 3 years

We aim to solve the visibility and engagement problem within the tutor-parent network by enveloping selected tutorials under the single umbrella banner of XPrep and enabling these tutors with technology to cater their student community in a more efficient and enriching way. These tutors/tutorials are equipped with a tech platform for visibility and to assist them in conducting the assessment/assignment piece with their students and communicating with the parents in a transparent manner. Requirements Expertise in Javascript Worked with lib like React /AngularJs etc., especially about their internal working. Ability to create advance responsive layout using HTML and CSS. Solid understanding of full web technology stack such as page load optimization, HTTP, cookies, asset loading, CDN, DOM manipulation etc. Nice to have Knowledge on design patterns and functional programming . Familiar with Node.js Familiar with tools like webpack. browserify, gulp, babel etc Perks offered A great learning experience Internal Hackathons Flexible Timings & Informal Atmosphere Unlimited Unpaid Vacations

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Bikash Dash
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Job poster profile picture - Bikash Dash
Bikash Dash
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