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Senior SAP Bsuiness One Functional Consultant

Founded 2003
Products and services
51-250 employees
SAP Business One
Crystal Reports
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5 - 8 years
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5 - 10 lacs/annum

We are looking for someone having knowledge and experience in: • Have worked on at least 5-7 end to end SAP Business One Implementation. • Excellent in customer handling skills (like - Meeting, Discussions, Training and Support). • Should have very good command on writing MS SQL Queries (Queries, Stored Procedure, Views and Functions). • Very good knowledge and experience in SAP B1 Crystal Report 2008/2013. • Expertise in MS SQL Administration like Maintaining Automatic Backup, DB Backup and Restore, Shifting database from one drive to another drive. • Knowledge on developing/customizing add-on is preferable (using C# .Net). • Should be good in installing/upgrading add-ons. • Excellent knowledge on Data Transfer Workbench and MS Excel (vlookup and other basic functions). • Should be able to handle and support multiple projects at a time. • Should be a good team worker and supportive. • Candidate must have proficient knowledge of SAP B1 SDK, crystal reports, .Net, SQL server, Object oriented programming using .Net. • Strong Technical, analytical and problem solving skills suitable for design, development & deployment. • Must follow the functional and technical documentations and do development. • Unit testing and coordination with testing team to create bug free application. • Ability to work successfully with multiple clients and multiple team members with confidence. • Good team player, Strong team orientation & leadership qualities, hardworking and enthusiastic. • Should have experience in HANA installation, dashboards development and configuration.

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Job poster profile picture - Susheel Kale
Susheel Kale
Job posted by
Job poster profile picture - Susheel Kale
Susheel Kale
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Susheel Kale
IT-Human Resource Recruiter at tCognition

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