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Snaptrude Careers
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Jobs at Snaptrude

Customer Support executive
Customer Support executive

Founded 2015
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Bengaluru (Bangalore)
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2 - 7 years
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Snaptrude Job Description. About Snaptrude Snaptrude is an intelligent CAD tool for real estate which transforms a hand drawn sketch of a floorplan to a 3D BIM (Building Information Model) model in a few seconds! Snaptrude is a funded startup and has raised money from one of the world's top most VC firms and has international recognition of being one amongst the top 3 companies in the world in AI/ML segment to be invited to TechCrunch Disrupt - SF 2017 and historically only the 3rd Indian Company. Website: http://snaptrude.com Location: Bangalore, India Position: Customer Success Manager A unique opportunity to become a part of the founding team of Snaptrude to grow and shape the product during the initial launch. Experience startup culture to hack your personal growth, take pride and ownership over your role and have the flexibility to explore new areas of interest as we grow. Snaptrude is an early stage startup and has already created a lot of positive buzz in the global ecosystem and has backing from top global VC firms and angel investors. Responsibilities *Identify and articulate user needs, test internally and through user research *Proactively tending to the needs of clients via e-mail correspondences, newsletters, blog posts, face-to-face meetings, etc. *Defining and optimizing the customer lifecycle, which includes: mapping the customer journey, identifying opportunities for continuous improvement, developing best practices, etc. * Be the voice of the customer in new product discussions, using what you know from talking to customers directly. *Providing overall guidance and support for our users and act as a product evangelist *Take an active part defining both long and short-term vision and roadmap Required Qualifications *1+ years of customer success and/or product management experience preferably in an enterprise product/SAAS company *Background in architecture, engineering and construction industry. *Strong analytical, organizational, prioritization skills *Comfort in a fast-paced, highly-dynamic environment with multiple stakeholders We offer significant equity options along with a fixed salary but more importantly we offer extremely flexible working policies and a unique opportunity to be a part of the founding team which is reshaping the design industry. Contact Info: Altaf Ganihar (Founder and CEO)

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Altaf Ganihar picture
Altaf Ganihar
Job posted by
Altaf Ganihar picture
Altaf Ganihar
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People hiring at Snaptrude

Altaf Ganihar
Hiring at Snaptrude
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