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Ulhas Mandrawadkar
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Software Engineer

Data Structures
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2 - 4 years

Software Engineer (Remote) | 2-4 years of experience Here at The Procedure, we celebrate people. We respect their ambitions and beliefs. With a team of 5, we drive business process automation with a goal to make human being friendly software accessible to larger sections of society. Key Responsibility Work directly with our clients in conjunction with Business Development & Client Servicing to understand their business process. We're big on value addition; incremental or disruptive. Proactively write clean code, optimize code, write tests, review peer code Iterate quickly based on client feedback More About You You are a good problem solver You are a passionate engineer with strong opinions and a diverse technical background You have a sense of pride in the code you write You believe that languages are tools to solve problems and are be able to pick the right tool for the right job You are able to identify and solve problems You strive to write code that lasts years, not months You don't shy away from working on new stacks, legacy codebases You love to read/author open source code and get inspired by the amazing work published by other developers in the community You are updated with the latest news on tech, coding and development You have an excellent command of written and spoken English More About Us We are a team of driven individuals with a mission to identify and solve interesting business challenges. Our team includes people who have worked in giants like EY, Jacobs, Silicon Valley bigwigs like OpenTable, amongst many other startups. Our technology stack includes React, Django, Docker, iOS, Android, Angular, React Native, Sails, PHP to name a few. We are quick to jump on new technologies and discard obsolete ones. We strongly believe in growing as a team so peer reviews are absolutely critical. We ship quality code without breaking stuff via Continuous Deployment and Test Driven Development (TDD). We believe in hiring individuals who will add to the culture and not just fit in it. We are building a team to last, grow and have fun while doing so. Most of all, we believe in you. And an environment that fosters creation above all else. You will be proud of how you have grown over time spent in this company. Remember, whoever you are and whatever your beliefs are, if you are a problem solver looking for a good environment, you've found the sweet spot. How to apply If you like what you read above and are interested to join us, drop a mail with your resume/github profile.

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Job poster profile picture - Ulhas Mandrawadkar
Ulhas Mandrawadkar
Job posted by
Job poster profile picture - Ulhas Mandrawadkar
Ulhas Mandrawadkar
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