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Nomadslab Solutions Careers
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6-50 employeesN/A

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Jobs at Nomadslab Solutions

Mobile Application Developer

Founded 2016
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Remote, Pune
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2 - 3 years
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Best in industry4 - 5 lacs/annum

We are looking for a Mobile developer to join our team at Nomads lab solutions. Frontend : React Native OR Flutter (with Firebase SDK for Auth/occasionally for data storage) and React/React-Admin for data management & admin consoles. Backend : - Firebase Auth, Firebase Real-time Database OR GraphQL with Apollo/Prisma - In almost all developments, we use firebase auth. - In small projects, we plan to use firebase for data storage as well so we don’t need to maintain any backend infrastructure - In larger projects, we will occasionally require/build graphQL servers, usually containing Prisma as an ORM - For data management, we use React, and React-Admin wherever dynamic content is required Experience: 2-3 years

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Shravan Oza picture
Shravan Oza
Job posted by
Shravan Oza picture
Shravan Oza
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Shravan Oza
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